Eleven Months!

I can’t believe this is the last monthly entry before Nolan’s first birthday!

It’s been an eventful month, for sure.  Nolan’s three teeth that sprung up out of nowhere have turned into a mouthful.  He has 7 in or partially in, and whether it’s that or other more subtle changes, he’s starting to look less and less like a baby.  I was doing really well with that until a few days ago when we were watching videos of him and the girls all much younger… and gosh, time goes too quickly.  Still, all three kids are such fun and I’m so thankful to be their mama!

But back to Mr. Nolan.

I think he’s getting close to 18 pounds, which still makes him ridiculously small – but the kid packs away table food like a champ, so we’ll see how he weighs in at his one year checkup.  He’s in size 3 diapers and 6-12 month or 9-month clothes.

He continues to cruise along as fast as he can, and loves to walk run – so long as someone has his hands.  He’s still a bit apprehensive of standing or walking on his own but fearless in climbing as high as he can on anything, which makes no sense to us.  We’re in no hurry, though!

There have been plenty of cognitive developments, too.  Separation anxiety and stranger anxiety seem to have arrived right on schedule.  He loves to give kisses and wave hi and bye, but refuses to sign “more” or “eat” – though he very clearly demonstrates that he understands the words.  Stinker!  I was just reading that Elise and Avery were doing all sorts of song motions and signing well by much earlier than this.  Part of me feels bad for not having even sung one verse of The Wheels on the Bus with Nolan, but maybe we’re just taking it slower?  I don’t know.  I do know he’s my favorite little boy in the entire world, and he’s perfect – even if in spite of me.