Blog Updates

First, a photo here and there from a much larger number of events than I would like are being moved directly to the photo albums, because I simply can’t catch up around here, what with birthdays, and huge parties, and weddings, and leases, and mortgages, and moves.  Don’t forget to check them out while you’re waiting on me anyway… >> Family Snaps
password: chateaukaufman

Second, and this is still being considered, I might be making this site private.  For whatever reason, I have been getting spam comments and emails incessantly.  I always used to get one or two here or that that would make it through my filters, but now it’s 3-5 a day.  They aren’t getting published, but they’re driving me crazy.  It’s probably an overdue move, anyway.  What I need to know, and I have just heard from a few of you and was surprised anyone was still reading along aside from a few family members… is that you’re reading.  I’d just have to add your email to a list of approved readers, I think, and it would load as usual.  Thoughts? Opposition?  I don’t care to continue deleting spam emails for the time being until I figure it out.

Now go see some pictures.  I still have cute kids 😉


  1. I am still reading! Miss seeing you on fb!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ohhh….I would love to keep reading…..I found you through Disboards a LONG time ago and love reading about your Disney trips and your 3 sweet little ones. Not sure how to private message you….

    Anna in N.C.

  3. I would love to be added…I love reading about your family.

  4. I still read too, but I didn’t know if family was supposed to comment or not. 🙂

  5. I found you through the DIS, too.

    As for me, I made my comments Google account holders only. It cut down the spam considerably.

  6. I am also someone who came over from the Disboards ages ago. I would love to keep reading, but will understand if you want/need to go private. Is there a way to email you to introduce myself privately? jill

  7. I left a comment a few days ago, but guess it never got to you. I also came over from the Disboards and have been enjoying reading your blog for quite a while. I would like to continue reading, but would understand if you prefer to go private. How can I send you my email address privately? jill

  8. Hi ladies! I hope you see this here, I didn’t think this through 🙂 Thanks for commenting. Suzanne, I had just switched the settings to not allow anonymous commenters, it really has seemed to help. So for everyone else as well, I think we’ll just keep things as they are for now. Jill, Theresa, I’ll make sure to add you if I do decide to make changes ever! You can email me at jenniferkaufman at me dot com. I’m sorry, there used to be a link on the homepage when I was more on top of the site – it looks like there isn’t now.

    Thanks again!

  9. Oh! And Anna, you can email as well, please? Meredith I know where to find you! 🙂

  10. I’m still here though usually I read 3-4 posts at a time because computer and even phone time is limited in my world right now. I’m good either way just make sure I can see it from my phone still 🙂

  11. Jennifer, I tried the above email address and my email was returned. jill