One-Year Well-Child Check

Nolan had his 12-month appointment today, and – since he was fever free – got 4 shots.  Bad mommy, giving such a bad gift!  Between already being not-quite-well and the shots, he had a pretty rough night.  In fact, he’s still having a rough night, so other updates will have to wait.  I know, shocking.

Here are the details:

My teeny, tiny peanut is officially the smallest member of our family at the same mark –

Length: 27.75 inches (< 3%)
Weight: 17lb 15oz (< 3%)
Head: 18.5 inch (60%… hehe)

He’s actually still hugging what would be the line he’s on, if it extended below the chart… so no concerns, maybe he’s just a “late bloomer”?  Still, I’m kind of shocked.  The lady at Meijer was today, too, when she argued with me that it couldn’t possibly really be his birthday, despite the fact that he was wearing a birthday shirt and birthday bib.  And despite the fact that I’m his mother, and – although extremely not with it these days – know the date of each of my children’s births.

So anyway… 🙂

The appointment went well.  It was actually the most comfortable and well he’s been in days, until we ruined that with immunizations.  Hopefully he’ll perk back up tomorrow!