PK4 Photo Update

Since I finally update our class photo website today, I figure now is as easy a time as any to throw a few updates on here from the final few months of the girls’ first year of preschool!  That’s right – tomorrow is the last day, which blows my mind.  This year has gone so quickly!  As per the title, this is quite a photo-heavy post

The week before Spring break was the class Easter party.  They made a very cute craft, I read a story, there were lots of yummy snacks – and an egg hunt, of course!

The next special day was the Art Show that the students put on, having worked very hard all week on art projects from recycled materials.  They all did a wonderful job on the pieces and the presentations!

Avery’s group project, “Aleah the Elephant”

Elise’s group project, “Penelope Pink Castle”

The most anticipated day of late, though, had to be “Beach Day”!  The kids got to wear their swimsuits and play all sorts of water games and other special activities.  I ended up missing the first half, but have some pictures from the end of the day.  Aren’t these kids all too cute for words?!

And last up for today, was last week’s Field Day.  The PE teacher they’ll have starting next year had lots of fun activities for the kids in the 3-year-old and 4-year-old classes.  They had a blast!

Cutest cheerleader ever!

Sweet friend Gavin, helping Elise squeeze her popsicle up. 🙂

More photos at the zenfolio site – these are specifically on the CHCA page, instead of the family snaps section.