Quick Update (Otherwise)

Even aside from school, we’ve been busy around here!  In the last few weeks we’ve closed on a house, moved, become landlords, traveled a few times, married off a sister/aunt, and tried to squeeze in the usual fun stuff like swimming and playing and the necessary stuff like eating and sleeping.  Here’s a bit more of what we’ve been doing…

Playing at what would become our new (now current) house

Pirate Doctor. What else?

ER visit.  Sick baby, seems to be doing better the last week or so. Updates to come, I swear.

Picnic on the porch just before moving out.

I don’t really like doing updates like this, but I guess it’s better than nothing?  Maybe it’ll get the ball rolling for more detailed updates on things like Disneyland, our new home, and my sweet boy’s First Birthday celebration!  Thanks for your patience! 🙂