Elise and Avery at FIVE!

I can’t believe my baby girls are five years old!  Since I’m awful at updating around here, I thought at least I’d give you some idea what Avery and Elise are up to these days…


… loves to color and draw and do anything crafty, taking time to be very detailed and intentional
… loves to read, and can sound out just about any word as long as she has some hints on the (many) ones that like to break Phonics rules
… is extremely sensitive and gets her feelings hurt easily – but can be stubborn and bossy (especially to her sister), just as often as she pleases
… still wants to have everything just so (ie song lyrics) before joining in on something publicly, and is somewhat shy to perform in front of a small audience
… loves the color pink


… loves to color as well, usually adding a bit more flair and out-of-the-box techniques to her crafting
… loves to read, and usually sees a word one or two times before she has it memorized
… is eager to try new things all the time, but doesn’t always think about consequences before jumping head first into new things
… loves to perform, even in front of an audience (and remembers every word to a song she hears once or twice!), and can be heard singing to herself anytime she is doing just about anything
… loves the color pink, but has recently come to say her favorite is purple
… loves to do, eat, wear, choose exactly what Avery does

Both girls…

… adore their brother.  No question about it.
… continue to be very advanced academically (sorry, it’s just true ;)) though there is a bit of concern about how half-day Kindergarten will go next year for one.  More on that later.
… love My Little Pony, Powerpuff Girls, and of course the Disney princesses.  Elise’s favorite princess is Ariel and Belle is a close second, whereas Avery still adores Aurora and, if forced to choose, would probably say Rapunzel is her second favorite.
… are doing extremely well sleeping in their own rooms.  It’s been nice to give each their own space in our new house, but we are all very anxious to have space ready in the basement for them to play with their toys, again!
… love playing outside, especially with their neighbor friends Jackson and Garret
… love to pray and share memory verses, which melts my heart each and every time

I’m sure there is so much more I’d love to share, I just feel so behind I don’t even know where to begin! Someday, maybe, I’ll get closer to “real time” posting again and you can feel like you actually know them a little better as they grow into amazing little ladies!

A bit of info from their well-child visits (which were largely uneventful) –

Elise: 42.5 inches tall (30th %) | 41.4 lbs (50th %) | BMI 16.4
Avery: 41.5 inches tall (13th %) | 39.5 lbs (45th %) | BMI 16.3

Both girls checked out perfectly, growing strong and developing wonderfully!  

We did get a referral for Elise to Children’s Behavioral Medicine/Psychology – not because she needs a psychologist so much as we all need some intervention on how best to help her be everything she was created to be.  If you know her in person, you know she has a severely limited attention span, among other minor concerns.  We have no desire to slap a diagnosis on her and medicate her into someone she isn’t, because she’s such an incredible, incredible kid (they both are!) – but Kyle and I realize that we are beyond our capacity to help her focus in school, get along with all of us, etc without some more tools.  Let me say this now, for the record – a child with ADHD or other medical/behavioral problems that needs medicine should have it, and if that’s where we end up some day with Elise we’ll be quick to do whatever is deemed best to help her succeed in reaching her potential.  My hesitancy not to “sedate her into someone she isn’t” is entirely in reference to the parents that see Kyle regularly begging for a certain kind of ‘help’ because parenting is hard, and they want it to be easy.  It’s probably the same clientele that want a magic diet pill… just sayin’ 😉  Just so we’re clear, there is only grace and admiration around here for all of us parents whose kids need extra support of any kind – medical or psychological – no judgement 🙂

Otherwise, everything went exactly as expected. Avery continues on Ditropan daily for an overactive bladder but we’ll suspect she’ll grow out of it as quickly as she seemed to have “grown into it” last year.  Elise continues on Albuterol very occasionally (usually just with illness)… and otherwise they’re healthy as can be!