Disneyland/California: February 28

Except for an insanely infuriating phone call from a courier bringing our found carseat at 2am and expecting me to come out and meet him, it was an ok night.  Everyone was up at 6:15 despite a late night, but whatever.  We had been impressed with the kids so far, overall, and there was little to do about it anyway.

Elise and Avery donned their Rapunzel dresses and were so pretty, ready for another day at Disneyland park!  First stop was Pixie Hollow.  Filled with cute details, beautiful fountains and landscaping, scenes from the franchise and more, it was a really beautiful area.  Iridessa was meeting that particular morning… but we also got a surprise visit from Tink!

Next we rode the Alice in Wonderland dark ride, and made our way to Rapunzel’s meet and greet line. Despite it not being horribly long, it took an eternity.  Ugh, what is it about that girl?!  We had a nice time with her though, so my princesses were happy!

Lunch was at the French Market, plus Mickey Beignets for dessert from the Mint Julep window.  We enjoyed them on the patio while listening to some live music, taking in the sights of New Orleans square.  After lunch, while Kyle made a run back to the hotel for a forgotten bottle, the kids and I rode round trip around the famed Disneyland Railroad.  It’s a really nice ride, circumnavigating the park as it does at WDW but with additions of other scenes, passageways through various rides, etc.

When Kyle was back, we made our way to Adventureland.  There we checked out Tarzan’s Treehouse and the Tiki Room, enjoyed a Dole Whip (of course!) and rode Pirates.  It was, as we had heard, far cooler than its Florida counterpart.  Next, Kyle and I took turns riding Indiana Jones and the Temple of the Forbidden Eye (awesome), while the rest of us stayed behind to sample from snacks from Bengal Barbecue.  Then, we all headed to Critter Country to ride Winnie the Pooh and meet with that silly ‘ol bear and his friends.  This time around, Nolan was a fan 🙂

After the late night just before, we had made the decision that this would be an earlier one.  Just before dinner we headed back toward our hotel where we ate at Millie’s (a restaurant that shared a lot and partnered with the FFI), got baths, hung out in the room a bit, and slept much earlier!