Disneyland/California: March 2

Early on in the day, Nolan began vomiting.  We had just given him his first taste of dairy, so we wondered if that wasn’t the culprit.  Turns out it probably wasn’t, but we wanted to be safe then – so no more yogurt or cheese for the rest of the trip!

We were off to Los Angeles that morning, hitting the road just after 8am.  LA is rather unimpressive looking as cities go (which we knew), and also not all that bad from a traffic standpoint – despite the general understanding.  We spotted the Hollywood sign from miles out which was kind of fun, and in short order we were parked and in front of the Dolby Theater, walking along the Walk of Fame.

Our stop that morning was at Disney’s El Capitan theater for a special showing of Mulan.  What a gorgeous landmark!  We each got our own popcorn and lemonade and found seats to enjoy the organ ahead of the show.

After the trailer, Mulan herself came out and performed a couple of dances!  The girls had no idea to expect her, and were absolutely adorable.  A confetti canon after her performance signaled the start of the show.  Nolan took a great nap (in between stealth vomits), and we enjoyed the movie in the breathtaking setting.

When it was over, our only other definite stop of the day was at the Soda Fountain next door.  Lunch was good, the sundaes and sodas even better.  We then walked around the Hollywood and Highland Center, the Dolby theater square, etc.  Despite having warned the girls of the “tricksters” on Hollywood Boulevard, even Kyle and I had no idea what to expect.  What a mess!  Interesting to see once, but I’m pretty sure we won’t be back other than to walk to the theater and back 🙂  Vocabulary word of the day?  Accosting.  It was fitting.

We decided after to go on a sight-seeing trolley tour, which turned out to be quite lame.  Hollywood itself, not the magical idea of it, is just blah.  I think that’s why Michael Eisner talks about the Studios at WDW as “the Hollywood that never was… and always will be”.  That’s the one I prefer.

Our drive home was straightforward.  We ended up at the Crystal Cathedral in Anaheim to check it out, then had dinner at In-n-Out (yum, of course).  We were home at a decent time so there was time to swim, play with Wikki Stix and the iPad before bed.  California sure has a lot to offer! 😉