Nolan at 15 Months!

My baby boy turned 15-months yesterday, which is insane!

I wanted to come tell you a little about him, since I’m otherwise awful at updating around here.  Seriously, the worst.


  • He can walk – like legitimately walk wherever he wants – though he still crawls 80% of the time. He’s a silly one!
  • He is quite proud to identify his hair and his belly (especially his adorable belly button, with which he is obsessed this week!), but refuses to learn any other body parts.  He really likes to brush his hair too, and pretend he’s getting his nebs or MDI treatments.  Hates actually getting them.
  • He’s a bottomless pit.  I swear, if he hasn’t smacked himself squarely in the 25th percentile or more at next week’s appointment, I think there’s is more wrong with his absorption than we have already addressed.  The kid out eats most of our family, all day long.  Insane amounts of food.
  • He wasn’t nearly as quick verbally as his extremely talkative sisters, but he does have a lot to say – even if most of it is unintelligible to us older, boring folks.  English words he knows include “hi”,  “bye”, “more”, “ball”, “all done”, “mama”, “dada”, “bite” (he loves to share his food, believe it or not) and “off” (to Mira. Our dog (yes dog), whom I have yet to post about).  He also signs for “all done”, “more”, and “cup/drink”, and points at what he wants.
  • He adores “The Wheels on the Bus” and especially loves the hand motions for the wipers and the horn… but he rarely makes it through all of the verses before getting bored.
  • He absolutely loved the beach and the sand, and really loves baths and swimming!
  • He’s still one of the most laid back, happy kid you’ll ever meet – though he’s definitely getting extremely loud and demanding when he wants to be (usually related to food).  Stinker 🙂
  • He’s still the cutest baby you’ll ever see, I’m pretty sure 😉
  • He loves to dance, and lights up when he hears music.
  • He adores his sisters as much as he always has, but has gotten quite good at “shooing” them away (often accompanied by some screeching) when he has had enough of them or they’re too intensely in his face.  I find this hysterical.
  • He’s still in 12 month clothes (and 6-12 month or 9 month pants and shorts), Size 3 diapers.
  • He takes two naps a day when we’re home, one a couple hours and one much shorter.  He certainly still gets the shaft as far as getting any consistency in that regard, but is a great sleeper at night – so we make do.
There’s so much more I’d love to share, I know, but so much needs pictures and video!  Hopefully soon.  Or at least ever.