Disneyland/California: March 5 and a Wrap-up

Remember that nearly perfect ending I mentioned?  Yeah, let’s pretend our trip ended there.  The night following, as some of you know, all 5 of us at once experienced the most violent Norovirus.  It was worse than I could have even imagined, even in healthcare – and it was all of us, all night.  Oh my gosh,  I wish I could erase that night from my memory.

We spent the early morning hours determining whether we could even fly home or would need to extend our stay a day and rebook our flight.  With lots of meds and prayer we decided to go for it and try to get home, knowing it would be even worse to be so sick in the hotel.

To complicate matters, snowstorms at home threatened to cancel the second leg of our travel, nobody got dinner, we had yet another lost gate check item that took almost two hours to retrieve (after waiting an hour for our other bags to arrive (stupid, consistently awful Dayton baggage claim)).  Our most expensive, largest suitcase was destroyed in the process, too, which was fun.  It was truly an awful, awful day – but we were so thankful to have had the entire trip prior to enjoy without illness.

We were told repeatedly (I lost count) that we’d hate Disneyland, having been to WDW so much.  True, it is minuscule by comparison.  True, my beloved “Disney bubble” that completely cuts me off from real live is absolutely non-existent.  True, Sleeping Beauty’s castle – aside from the walkthrough – is kind of lame when compared with Cinderella’s abode.  That’s all “they” got right, though.  This place was absolutely magical.  The nostalgia factor is indescribable if you’re a culture nerd or Disney buff.  The rides are worth exploring for the favorites, the changes to favorites, and the dozens of rides not available in Florida.  And Southern California has so much to offer that we wished we had been able to stay for weeks.

We thought it would be a once-in-a-lifetime trip, essentially to check something off of a to-do list.  Now we can’t wait to go back.

All the photos are up now, aside from Photopass pics.  With the move, etc, I honestly have no idea where those ended up 🙂  Someday…


  1. I’m with you. After a dozen trips before moving to Florida, and countless trips in the past 9 years with WDW nearby, I still think Disneyland is the nicer park. It has so much more charm.