Dance Observation Week – Spring 2013

Twice a year, as you may recall, the parents get to go into the classrooms at MDC to watch the students’ progress up close.  Avery and Elise are always so excited for these days!  There will be video too someday, but for now just look how sweet my little dancers are! 🙂







As I write this, we’re trying to decide their (near) future as dancers.  We adore Mason Dance but are trying to determine if they’d more enjoy the dance program offered at CHCA.  I’ll admit I’m a little skeptical, but we’re looking into it.  They both have chosen to continue dance as one of their two activities in the coming season… so stay tuned for more!

PS – These and a handful of other pictures can be found in the March zenfolio album…. which can now be found right up there in the menu bar!  Let me know if you need the password again.