Meet Mira… part 2!

And now (finally), the story of how our sweet puppy girl made her way into our home and our hearts!

We had successfully kept #operationsecretpuppy a secret – so the first weekend in June, the kids all stayed with my family for a sleepover.  Kyle and I had an anniversary date downtown, stayed at the Hilton Netherland for the night, and headed a few hours south early Saturday morning to pick up our newest addition.

When we got there, we waited anxiously for Bonnie to bring us our precious pup.  She carried her out and handed her to me, at which point she immediately snuggled up onto my shoulder and smothered me with kisses.  That did it for me (aside from the aforementioned meltdown and temporary lapses in judgement. Like this morning)!  I had carried my camera in, but didn’t have time or the hands to take any pictures of our first few minutes with her.  We talked for a few minutes, hooked her into her harness for the car ride, and made our way north again!

IMG_1772  She did great on the car ride, whining for a few minutes then settling in to sleep.

Once we were home, we let her check out her surroundings.  We had set up her crate with toys and a few treats to welcome her home (after the kids were safely out of the house!) and she was eager to explore as soon as we got her in.  Kyle and I mean no disrespect for our beautiful Thea whom we loved and miss dearly… but were thrilled this little one liked to PLAY!


While I acclimated Mira to her surroundings, Kyle went to get the kids.  We weren’t 100% sure what to expect, but knew they’d be excited.  We certainly didn’t think it would take more than a minute for them to even notice her – even with the huge bag of “vegetables” (dog food) spilling and dog toys lying around. 🙂  They did great with her, and Nolan absolutely lit up at the sight of her!

She’s gotten quite big (and quite fiesty!) in the last 2 months – so much so that the dog in these videos is hardly recognizable. She’s weighing in at 18.5 pounds and looks – as some adolescents are prone to do – like she’s learning to walk on stilts she hasn’t yet grown into.  She’s testing our patience big time as she is “all puppy”, but is as sweet as can be much of the time.  We all love her so!

Enjoy some of our favorite pictures —


Those precious then-blue-now-bright-green eyes get attention everywhere she goes!


Her favorite rest spot… for about a week, until she got too big! 🙂


Elise and Avery picking out her name tag “necklace”


Playtime! The girls picked out “Purpla Pinka” for her. Hehe.




Also precious. Thrown in for good measure, doing his favorite activity (talking on a “phone” of any shape or size).


Be still my heart. If only she just sniffed him now…


She wasn’t stuck (though I’m sure she would be now, if she even fits back there!). She’d just go behind the couch and peek up at us!


“You have your hands full!” (….”Thank you?”)


Stay tuned for more as she grows with us!



  1. Meredith Olski says:

    Oh my goodness! Your kids meeting Mira was precious! Elise cracks me up! She is a lot like Sam with all the questions! I just wish there was a way to meet in person one of these days! Any chance you guys will be in Wdw sept 22-28?
    Love, Mere