4 Months in 4 Minutes

So much has happened in the last several months, that most days when I sit down here I just stare at all the things I would have loved to have shared with you.  A few things are going to get their own entries, but in just a few minutes I’m going to catch you up on some of the less major events.

Perhaps one of the biggest pieces of news is that we moved into a new house.  When our Liberty Township house was under contract we fell in love with this one and nothing, for the next several weeks when we didn’t actually sell our first, compared.  The deal was too good to pass up, so we decided to spend the large sum of money we had been saving for a year and purchase this house, especially since the rental market is insanely good right now.  In less than a week we found an incredible tenant family (one of whom Kyle actually went to medical school with), and – so far, knock on wood – life as landlords hasn’t been so bad.  We are so incredibly thankful for a home in our favorite local community, minutes from everything we do regularly, in a neighborhood with friendly people (that we met more of on move-in day than we had in 7 years at our old house).  Thank you, Jesus!



Elise and Avery wrote final book reports and said goodbye-for-now to their first classmates, only one of which is in their class this year.  They do get to see about half of them on the playground though, so they’re hanging in ok. 🙂

IMG_8082 IMG_8392 Image

IMG_1410 IMG_1375

Two beautiful girls and their amazing daddy made me breakfast in bed for Mother’s Day.  They love making breakfast from scratch with him!


 We spent several days at Kings Island, where Elise, Avery and Nolan experienced lots of new, fun rides!


 Kyle and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary!  The girls had been especially excited about weddings after Cassi and Grant’s (more on that later!), so it was a special one.  We got a cake from our wedding bakery to celebrate, and watched the ceremony DVD and looked at pictures with them.  It was really a fun night! Kyle and I also got away downtown for the night before picking up Mira the following day.

Elise and Avery played soccer again, this time in a more instructional program with skill-building and smaller 3-on-3 games instead of leaving them to wander on a huge field learning nothing…


 … and they also caught a frog.  Hopper Wilbur Green was with us for an afternoon before we let him go live freely in the wild. 🙂


We have played lots of games as a family, including Avery and Elise’s new favorite from Henry and Camden:

IMG_9120  IMG_9114

Nolan usually looked on and added his expertise.


 He is, after all, so big now he can (finally) ride in a forward-facing carseat!


 All three kids got new animal friends from Build-a-Bear –

IMG_9174 IMG_9173

… and the girls got major haircuts (7″ each!), at their request.

IMG_9442 IMG_9441


But thankfully not before their dance recital, when they had to have their hair half back.  They did a tap number, to “Three Little Fishes”.  I might be biased, but these are the two cutest fish I’ve ever seen!


Add visits with old friends, goodbyes to some of our favorites (we miss you, Joy and Greg, and hope you’re settling in well in California!), a trip to Hilton Head, days at the pool, cooking at Nana’s house, straightening the girls’ hair just for fun and so many other things together, and hopefully you’ll forgive me for being so rotten at updating this blog.

Please check the April-August albums when you get a chance, or you’ll miss some really cute stuff.  You all are the best! 🙂