Gatlinburg 2013

Hi! Remember me?  The one who drags you back and forth across the calendar, trying so futilely to catch you up on our lives?  Yeah…. hi.  *sigh*  Just gonna jump in here, I guess…… 🙂


In May of this year, just after Cassi and Grant got married, much of our extended family went to Gatlinburg for a great little getaway.  It was so much fun to be able to spend that much time with out-of-town relatives.  Looking at these pictures just makes me miss them all!

We really enjoyed hiking and mini-golf – both of which are must-dos for us when in Tennessee…





 … and the girls finally got to experience Ober Gatlinburg and our beloved Alpine Slide!


 For the rest of the pictures, especially those of the rest of the family (including a wonderful one of the Bradford girls and their mama!), click on over to the password-protected site.  Let me know if you need the password again!


  1. I NEED that “bag of pure love” shared ASAP! 😀