Nolan at 18-Months

My sweet boy turned 18 months old while on our cruise, a fact which excited his big sisters more than anyone else.  It is a pretty big milestone I guess, so I thought I should hop on here and update you a bit on how big he is getting (or not) and how wonderful he (still) is!

Developmentally, he’s not the same baby with each passing week.  He’s all toddler, mimicking our every move and curious about everything in his expanding world.  He runs everywhere and climbs whenever and wherever he can, though he has yet to climb out of his crib (unlike his sisters, who were in big-girl beds long before now).  The latter half of this statement could not make me happier.

He signs and/or says “hi”, “bye”, “mama”, “dada”, “Elise” (for every small girl, Avery included), “dog”, “vroom”, “eat”, “more”, “ball”, “bite” (either for a bite or for his pacifier, which he still gets whenever he’s in bed. spoiled third child. :)), “please”, and makes consistent (but consistently silly) sounds for “banana” and “hello”.  He probably knows others, but those are what I can recall off the top of my head.  I watch videos of the girls talking in multiple-word sentences and role-playing at this age and worry for a nanosecond, then realize he’s doing just fine – especially for a boy, when the milestone he’s supposed to have by now is 5 words.

He can identify a few body parts, but is still mostly obsessed with his belly.  And his diaper, so we’ve busted out the potty chair!  He loves sitting on it, but I’m not sure how we’ll approach training with him.  I am a huge advocate for early training as you know if you knew the girls at this age (trained just about now), but I’m not sure where to go from here because 1) he’s a boy, and 2) he’s very interested but doesn’t necessarily seem to comprehend – or at least communicate – as much as his sisters did by now.  We’ll see… but I know I’d rather not wait until 2.5+ if possible, if he has at all the same temperament as they did!

He loves looking for people he knows, playing peek-a-boo, singing “The Wheels on the Bus” (47 times in a row, if we’ll indulge him), and playing with Mira.  Those two, I swear – they’re going to grow up the best of friends.

He got his first haircut at WDW recently, which was somewhat heartbreaking – but he looks pretty handsome!  He was the first kid the ladies and gentleman at Harmony Barbershop could recall in a long time that screamed when the haircut was over. 🙂  More on that eventually.

He absolutely adores Mickey Mouse, Buzz and Woody, and the Cars characters – and even enjoys watching Cars Toons and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse now.  He’s adorable when he gets excited for them to come on, and was even cuter seeing them again in person on our trip now that he “knows” them a bit better.  This is such a fun, fun age!

There isn’t much he won’t eat, though he is particular about feeding himself and what textures he wants on a given day.  It’s unpredictable, but suffice it to say he’s a little piggy overall…

… which is why it’s odd (and a little more concerning) that he hasn’t grown at all, not height or weight, since his 15-month appointment.  Dr. H and Kyle are discussing a plan but there is some bloodwork and other diagnostic tests in our future, since he was already below the charts and isn’t growing despite eating – and despite being the most controlled he has been since birth, from a respiratory and GI standpoint.

Height: 29.5″ (not on the charts, again)

Weight: 20lb 8.5oz (not on the charts, again)


I feel like a broken record, but there’s so much more I want to share, I just don’t know how to dig out of the hole I’m in here!  I’ll keep trying.

And in case you were wondering?

He’s still the cutest boy in the world, if I do say so myself.


  1. I miss him!

  2. I agree, 100%. I’m borderline obsessed. Ok, well not borderline. I’ll go ahead and admit at least that.