Avery and Elise’s Ariel Swimming Party

Ok… so I’m writing dreadfully out of order here, because – truthfully – I had no idea what I had written and what I hadn’t until I went through some things today.  So back in June, the girls turned 5.  We talked about that, but I never got around to sharing any pictures from their birthday party!

With our house on the market during the prime planning period, I knew we were going to have to plan for a party away from home, since we weren’t sure exactly where “home” would be, come June.  Through a little discussion, we landed on a Little Mermaid themed swimming party at the Mason Community Center.  It was perfect for them!

We had a small space and limited time, so decorating – often my favorite part of party planning – was also scaled back.  It turned out ok, though, I think!  They were really happy with it, so I was happy. 🙂








The staff did a great job, and took care of everything!  They played Mother, May I with the kids that got there early, kept track of gifts and gift-givers, cleaned up and packed up their gifts, etc.  They even had an extra seat set up next to the girls so that each gift-giver could be in a place of honor to watch their gift being opened.  It was very nicely done – a fact for which this obsessive party-planner was thankful.




After the party room stuff was over, it was time to swim!  They got about two-hours in the pool, and everyone had a blast!



We finished off the night with their birthday dinner and an Ariel cake… rounding out a wonderful day celebrating our two favorite growing girls!