Fourth of July

Before we’re buried in snow, I figure I should catch up on these blogs laden with spaghetti strap dresses and summer traditions.

July 4th this year was a rainy, yucky mess… so the girls actually chose, when given the choice between doing sparklers in our yard and sitting in the car for Kings Island fireworks (if they happened at all), to stay home and stay dry.  I’m pretty sure anything with the word sparkle would have been an easy sell, but regardless – we were happy with their decision.

We ran into Meijer for just the typical pack o’ crappy “fireworks”, like said sparklers, smoke bombs (can I say that word in 2013?), and those poppy things you throw on the ground.  I was underwhelmed (as most adults should be), but it was more than enough for kids.




Nolan especially liked the snap/crackle/pop things, cracking up every time anyone threw one.  He even got in on the action throwing his own and laughing even harder.  That is, of course, until I got out the camera, when he just threw one down and faked a laugh. 🙂


We had a good time, regardless of the weather (and the still-bright sun).  I’m thankful my kids are still relatively easy to please!