Family Sleepover and Lebanon Applefest

In September, we decided to invite Elise and Avery “over” for a sleepover.  They often have them in one another’s room on the weekends, after having moved to separate rooms in this new house, but had not really had one in our room outside of move-in day (when they had no furniture, anyway).

First we did pedicures while waiting for Kyle to get home.


Later we had dinner together and watched a show of Nolan’s choice, and when he went to bed we played a couple of board games.


They were so excited to sleep in our room on the air mattress.  I think we’ll do this again soon!


The next day was the Lebanon Applefest.  We had heard such great things about it, but it was so incredibly crowded it was one of the worst experiences we have ever had at similar events.  We kept overhearing that it was out of the ordinary to be so crowded, so perhaps the set-up was different, or the crowds unusual?  Either way, we won’t be in a rush to get back.  It was awful.  The one redeeming feature was the “princess crowns”.


We did, however, enjoy our own little slice of apple heaven outside of our car on a more remote side-street.  Apple cider, funnel cake and a delicious caramel apple in the relative quiet.  Those moments we enjoyed 😉