In addition to the aquarium, Nolan and I have joined Gymboree for play and music classes, which I had always wanted to do with Elise and Avery.  One child is so much more affordable – imagine that 🙂

The first time he walked in, it was as if his whole world changed.  You could see it in his eyes – there are things my size, and a place just for me to play instead of tagging along with my big sisters all the time?!

Since the first time, we’ve gotten into a quasi-routine, going to double classes (play and music) on Thursdays, and trying to hit at least one more play class, usually on Mondays.  At play class, they introduce opposing concepts like up/down, in/out, over/under, etc and do organized activities to teach those – but also let the kids run around and play as they wish, if they’d prefer.  Music class is a bit more structured, but has all kinds of activities to keep the kids interested – bubbles, scarves, instrument exploration and lots of fun songs together.  Each is done to a theme; we’ve been around for Jazz, Elvis, Latin and the Beatles.

Here are a few (cell phone) pictures.  More in the zenfolio albums!