Warm Fuzzy Jar

When the girls were in PreK4, their class had a “Warm Fuzzy Jar”.  When the entire class would be caught doing the right h, they’d get a “warm fuzzy” (craft pom pom) put in a jar, and when it was full they all got a surprise.  The girls were so excited about it, that we adopted it at home.  If both girls had a good day, they’d get a warm fuzzy.  It took quite some time to fill the jar, despite it’s small size.  Apparently the buzz wore off relatively quickly at home, go figure.

Alas, eventually the jar was full – and just in time for a perfect pre-cruise surprise.




Now, months later, they’ve randomly started asking when we’ll start this up again.  Maybe this time it’ll last a little longer?  We’ll see… 🙂