Grandparents Night

For the second year in a row, our vacation plans caused the girls to be out of town during Grandparent’s Day at CHCA. This year they were especially disappointed, so I worked with them to make a back-up plan.

The night before we went out of town, we got nearly all of their grandparents and great grandparents at our house for dinner and a special dessert they had prepared.  They worked hard all week on hand-written invitations, carefully selected party favors (American flags for the grandpas and specially-chosen flowers for the grandmas – “pretend, so the never die”), menu plans and decorations.  The day of, I also found out they had been working in class on a play – so we adapted it for 3 people (instead of 18) and put it on that evening.

The night was really special, and I’m actually kind of glad it worked out as it did.  We got to spend extra time with even more generations (no way all of them could have fit/made it to Grandparents Day at the school), and I think they really enjoyed it, as well!