Disney Fantasy: October 11

I was up at 3:30 ready to go – or as ready as I was going to be.  I didn’t jump out of bed, I didn’t have a playlist for the drive, and I was mortified by the amount of luggage we had.  Oh, well.  We were on vacation, and that’s all that mattered!

We were Columbus-bound at about 4, with all three kids awake until just before we got to the airport.  Check-in was smooth and we were relaxing on a couch eating donuts and waiting for Kyle in no time.

The flight was great.  Nolan slept about an hour, the girls did word searches, crosswords and hidden pictures.  We also got to track the flight and watch My Little Pony on the iPad; the girls got a kick out of it!



From MCO we drove to the cape.  We hung out a bit at Manatee Reserve Park (which was hugely disappointing), ate lunch at Grills, dealt (pleasantly) with Humana and CVS to get a vacation override on Nolan’s medication and finally checked into our hotel for the night.


By about 3pm, it was obvious that nobody was going to rest – despite the early morning.  We decided to hit the beach for about an hour.  It was lovely weather, the private stretch of beach was practically our own and we had a great time.







Dinner was at Sonny’s, which was incredibly underwhelming, aside from the cornbread 🙂  Everyone was starting to get pretty excited about cruising the next day!

Bedtime came early.  Everyone was in bed by 6:30, and all three kids were sound asleep within 10 minutes.  It was almost time.


  1. Love the pictures!

    • jenniferkaufman@me.com says:

      More on the Zenfolio site, though not that many – just through the first day 🙂