Disney Fantasy: October 12

On embarkation day, Nolan woke up at 4am – and woke everyone else up by 4:30.  Instead of sticking around the hotel we decided to leave as early as we could (around 7am), praying for naps in the car as we drove around town.  As we drove by the port, we could see her – the Fantasy had gotten in overnight!  The girls lost their mind, even  having only seen the top half.  I may or may not have teared up a little.


We drove to the Kennedy Space Center just to check it out from the parking lot, and even that was pretty cool.  Someday we’ll definitely take a day trip here, but the only admission is expensive and 8+ hours long, which isn’t going to work with kids at this age.  Even from the car though, we saw the Rocket Garden, fuel tank and boosters, etc.


At 9:35 we were at the Budget car rental waiting for our ride to the port, since we had a 10am check-in time.  When they told us it would be over an hour, we got a cab – and got the cab company business from at least three other infuriated families.  At 10:15 we were headed to port in an orange minivan that the girls thought was to die for.


We got there by 10:30 and had quite a long line to wait to check in.  It would be a recurring theme.  When Kyle and I cruised previously, we had the whole terminal to ourselves for a while; looking back, we were feeling quite spoiled.  This particular morning was line after line – security, another security point, tickets, kids club registration, DVC, boarding.  Eventually we were on the “tarmac” and making our way into the ship’s lobby!


The girls were thrilled to hear our family name announced, and were taken aback by the gorgeous lobby.  I enjoyed those things too, but mostly was just glad to have arrived – and to get the dining rotation we really wanted.

We ate lunch at Cabanas, then when they were ready I headed to the room to get a few surprises ready!   The room was really impressive after our smaller indoor room – I couldn’t get over how much storage it had.  The girls couldn’t get over the porthole seat 🙂




In the afternoon, Kyle took the kids to the splash area while I finished unpacking.  The muster drill was painless and we got a front row “seat” for the Sail Away Party!  I’m pretty sure Avery didn’t stop bouncing for even half of a second.




By dinnertime, Nolan was horribly tired, sick and crabby… but leave it to Mickey to cheer him up!



Dinner was excellent, and our service team (Denis and Hanti) were spectacular.  At Elise’s request, they even made them “Minnie Bars” for dessert!



Nolan was too exhausted for the show, so I went with the girls while Kyle took him to the room to sleep.  I’m so glad we went because it was there that we met Anthony, who told the girls they were going to be best friends.  It was sort of true. 🙂  He came in looking for them just before the show because he had forgotten to ask their names – but he wouldn’t forget them the rest of the trip!

Everyone was utterly exhausted by the time we made it back to the room.  Elise was freaking out, afraid to sleep next to the porthole.  The girls were losing their minds fighting over which bed they were sleeping in.  Nolan was still quite sick and I was following closely behind.  We prayed for rest for everyone, but were so very thankful to be underway on our first family cruise!



  1. Funny, I was sitting there thinking…to have even 1/4 the energy that Elise had…and then I read that Avert couldn’t stop moving? Surprise!

  2. Still haven’t and never will forget those girls and you’re amazing family!!!! Hope all is well!!! Missing you all so much!!!! Best friends for life!!!!!