Disney Fantasy: October 13

So since we’ve gone to Walt Disney World twice now in 2014, it seems I had better quickly finish up with our cruise trip report, yes?  Goodness.

On our first full day at sea, everyone was up before 7 – of course.  The girls went to get drinks with Kyle while Nolan squealed with joy that our TV had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Breakfast was at Cabanas, where we just brought back a little of everything for the table.  It would become a trend that we’d stuff ourselves silly with delicious breakfast food, despite none of us being “breakfast people”.  Oh, cruise food, how I love thee.

After we ate we decided it was time for the Wake Up with Disney Junior party.  All three kids had a great time dancing with the cruise staff, and the special visit from Pluto sent Nolan over the top.



Next we saw Daisy in her tropical dress, which the girls loved, before heading to the Oceaneer Club Open House.  Avery and Elise got to do a puppet craft with Minnie, and Mickey himself came out and led the kiddos in “The Wheels on the Bus”.  Nolan was in heaven!  It was quickly clear that people meant it when they said they had a hard time dragging their kids out of the clubs on Disney ships.  By the time we left (less than an hour in the open house) they had also done the hula with Lilo and Stitch.  So much fun!



While Nolan napped, the girls and I waited in line to finally meet Sofia.  Despite most of the ship being in line below for the Princess Gathering, a line was already forming 30 minutes early.  No worries though, we made friends with a Cast Member named Arianna – and eventually got both Sofia and Arianna’s autographs! 🙂

It was time then to check Elise and Avery into the kids clubs.  I had intend to go back and get Nolan and Kyle to do some exploring, but we all just rested instead.  What is a cruise for, after all, if not relaxing?!

We ate lunch at Flo’s while sailing past Cuba (so very cool;  I desperately wish that could be a port, it would be so amazing!).  When we had all had our fill (and then some) we went up to the sports desk for a few holes of mini golf while waiting to meet Max Goof.  Nolan and Goofy had an especially great time together 🙂



Max was also adorable, and the girls were very excited to have gotten two new autographs already.


In the mid-afternoon Kyle and I were meeting a group for a Mixology class, so everyone went back to kids clubs – including Nolan, this time.  He was ecstatic!  He would only get a few chance to play in the (adorable) “it’s a small world” nursery since it costs extra, but he loved it each time.  Mixology was a lot of fun, too.

Because the shows are so late in the evening for our family of early risers, we planned to try as often as possible to go to matinees.  This particular show (Aladdin) there was an afternoon offering, so we ducked out of our class early to pick up the kids.  Aladdin was well done but not as spectacular as I had hoped, especially since we didn’t get to see the stage show in Disneyland.

After the show, Elise and Nolan both took a nap – and we all got some much needed rest otherwise.  Dinner was formal attire, so we had made plans to take Nolan to the nursery for a special night with just the girls.  It was very sweet, and the food (at Royal Court, on our particular rotation) was spectacular.  Afterwards we snuck in a quick swim, a few rides on the Aqua Duck, and a dip in the hot tub before it was time to get Nolan.  Everyone was in bed by 9, very ready for sleep!


Cute photos uploaded to the cruise album.  I didn’t take the time to do a single thing to them, which probably bothers me far more than you, but they’re there!