Disney Fantasy: October 14

Having crossed into another time zone overnight, it was only 5:40am ship time when we were all awake – so we had to play in the room for a bit.  Everyone was in a good mood though, so no complaints.  Nolan really loved the bunk beds 🙂


We had breakfast at Cabana’s again, then ran into Anthony in Shutters.  He greeted the girls by name and spent several minutes talking to them about the artwork on the walls, favorite characters, theme parks, etc.  They were so thrilled he remembered them as he had promised.

Nolan I were still sick but there would be no missing buzz lightyear.  Good thing we made it too, since he was the darling of the entire atrium.  Everyone was watching him like a TV show from every deck overlooking the scene.  It was the cutest thing ever.  I have always adored the girls meeting their princess friends while dressed just like them, but the juxtaposition of size in this case was too priceless.  He was totally enamored, too, and kept escaping later to try and run back to him.


The girls went to the Oceaneer Club for a bit next so Nolan could grab a catnap, and soon it was time to meet Woody and Jessie.  Nolan fell back to sleep on Kyle’s shoulder in line, but woke up and perked up immediately upon seeing them.  Once again, our little Buzz was a bit of a hit, if I do say so myself.


In the late morning, we were scheduled for an excursion on Grand Cayman.  As much as people complain about tendering to the shore, the process was completely painless and it was actually really cool to see the boat just floating there in the open sea.


We were very quickly on board a bus headed to the Nautilus Semi-Submarine cruise.  Nolan was pumped about the fish and the diver, the girls were thrilled that we counted seven tires and saw two shipwrecks.  We also saw sea turtles, garden eels and other marine creatures – it was pretty cool for an excursion that worked for our whole family.



After the sub ride we looked for a place for lunch.  Many passengers were going to Margaritaville, but since we have one about twenty minutes away we decided to skip it.  Of course, theirs has a water slide, but I digress…

We chose a place called “Paradise Restaurant”.  It was pretty tasty and very expensive, but the view might have been worth almost any price and level of cuisine.


A really cool path down to the ocean that we found on our way to lunch…


… and one of the giant fish that kept swimming up to us at said spot!



While Kyle and the kids headed back to the boat, I stayed about five minutes behind to duck in a just few shops.  I got a couple of souvenirs – and marveled at the wild chickens running around everywhere – and made it back to the room just one minute after everyone else.

Unfortunately the morning was too much for Elise, so she and her meltdown stayed in the room while Avery and I headed to the Halloween deck party.  It was very cute!  We loved watching the costume parade from Deck 12 – and saying hello to some of our favorite costumed Cast Members.


Elise as Tinker Bell got to join us shortly after, and we met her (other) twin on the way to our first evening at Animator’s Palette.  The crush show was adorable, and Nolan once again loved the fish – even if these were just the animated variety!


After dinner, Nolan and I were just too pooped to make it to the magic show.  I had hoped it would be on TV as the stage shows are, but to no avail.  He and I were both asleep by 8:15, while Kyle and the girls had a great time at the show without us.  They got back around 9:30 and went to sleep wonderfully.  It was a rough afternoon, but thankfully everyone had recovered relatively quickly and had a really great night, illnesses notwithstanding!