Disney Fantasy: October 15

The following day was a very low-key one.  The shore time in Costa Maya is very short, and we had no excursions booked – so it was nearly a day at sea.

On this particular day, we decided to try breakfast in Enchanted Garden instead of Cabana’s.  The buffet was still impressive if much smaller, and the atmosphere was far more relaxing.  Hanti was working in there as well, and came over to say hi and give hugs and kisses.   Our buddy Karol from Cabana’s also came to say hi.  Goodness, my trio can make friends everywhere they go! 🙂


After breakfast we did our first round of the incredibly fun Midship Detective Agency game.  For this, you acquire a badge and a case and go throughout the whole ship finding clues in magic pieces of art to solve a crime.  It’s really quite cool, and we all had a lot of fun!


After we saved the dalmatian puppies from certain doom, Nolan went back for a nap while the girls and I headed for the princess gathering.  Prince Ali ran into us in line, and blew Avery’s and Elise’s minds by remembering that he had seen them at Disneyland! 😉  The gathering meet and greet was very sweet, we hung around the ship with a few more characters, and then it was somehow already time for lunch.



We ate at Cabana’s quickly before dropping the girls off at the Oceaneer Club.  Kyle, Nolan and I left the ship for a brief visit to Costa Maya.  It was really cute!  We shopped for about an hour, swam in the public square saltwater pool for about 30 minutes, and apparently put my camera somewhere that it sat in a puddle of water despite zero evidence.  It turns out this would be the last day of it’s grand life, but thankfully none of the pictures from the first few days died with it.  The rest of the trip you may notice some seriously lower quality pictures though, I’m just warning you! 😉





We needed an early night, so our afternoon was carefully planned.  We picked up the girls and tucked Nolan in for a nap.  On the TV in the staterooms was an afternoon showing of the evening’s stage show, Disney Wishes.  We piled in bed at rest time with halloween and movie candy and watched the show, thereby freeing up our evening to end a bit earlier.

Dinner was great, the prince and princess menu a lot of fun.  We went to a family dance party in the Tube after, where the girls danced with us and with some of their favorite cast member friends.  It was adorable and we were sad that we only caught the end of it, but the timing was good overall.  We were all in bed before 8, the kids sleeping and Kyle and I watching a documentary on Uncle Walt.  Say what you might, it was a pretty great evening!