Disney Fantasy: October 16

I woke to a definitively broken camera even after dismantling it and letting it air out, so between that and the fear of losing everything on the memory card, I wasn’t too thrilled.  Alas, there were more memories to be made, so off we went…

We ate a quick breakfast as the girls excitedly sang “Happy Half Birthday” to Nolan 🙂 then we were off to a day of adventure in Cozumel!  We could see the city waiting for us just outside our porthole, we just had to wait for the all-ashore call.

After being accosted in Ponta Lagusta (no worries, even the kids were old-hat at ignoring the offenders after our jaunt in Hollywood) we were on our way via cab to El Cozumeleno.  “Hotel Coz” was a shore excursion I had booked on my own (outside of DCL) and it was one of the best decisions I made regarding the trip.  After less than a 10 minute cab ride away from the port we were checked in as day guests at an all-inclusive resort, greeted with glasses of fresh watermelon juice and a bag of sand toys for the kids.



In the off-season we had the resort practically to ourselves, where we enjoyed snorkeling, mini-golf, multiple pools, life-sized chess (or at least we looked at it), lunch and snacks.  We probably saw 15 people there aside from our family and the staff – it was wonderful!


Torture = posting this in the never-ending winter of 2013/2014..









Eventually we decided to head back, despite having access several more hours.  The girls could use a change of scenery (and Nolan a nap) and we had far exceeded the value of the ridiculous price I paid for this excursion!  We took a cab back to do a little bit of shopping and bartering then made our way onto the ship.  We were enjoying the DCL fruit-infused water in our room and watching Valiant by about 3, after what had already been a great day.


Sleepy boy at lunch… hehe!

On tap for the evening was a romantic grown-up dinner at Palo, which once again did NOT disappoint.  We were bummed to miss the pirate menu – and the girls were even more bummed to miss the pirate deck party when picking them up took longer than expected, but they were so good-natured about it.  In return, we decided I would take them to half of the pupae show despite previously agreeing to skip it for an early bedtime.  They had a blast watching part of the show then souvenir shopping with their BFF Anthony and still talk about it this many months later.. but at the expense of an ugly, ugly bedtime.  Oh, well.  Overall a beautiful day. 🙂