Disney Fantasy: October 17

I “slept in” until 7, and was shocked to wake up to a family still sleeping!  We had a nice, laid-back day at sea, so it was the perfect day for this miracle to occur.  The kids were finally up at 7:35.  We made our way to Royal Court for breakfast which was a la carte (instead of a buffet) and oh-so-delicious.  We looked around the different dining rooms at the beautiful princess mosaics since the restaurant wasn’t bustling with dinner tables.




Back in our room with what felt like the ship to ourselves still at 9am, the girls made cards for Anthony and Karol.  I made my way to the Senses spa for my schedule facial!  The waiting area was breathtaking with floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall windows to see the sea pass by.  The facial was also nice and relaxing, and I’m sold on a rainforest room visit for next time.


While I was falling asleep in the spa, Kyle and the kids had done another Midship Detective Agency case.  After a little bit more downtime in the room, Elise and Avery decided they were ready to try lunch at the Oceaneer Lab.  I took them there and met Kyle and Nolan for a delicious lunch, again at Royal Court.  Apparently this was inadvertently our restaurant of the day!



The whole family was back together around 2 for a swim.  Nemo’s Reef kids area and Mr. Ray’s slide were adorable.  All three kids loved it!  While Nolan was still playing there, I took the girls over for a little surprise – a cornrow headband and beads.  They were ecstatic!



We grabbed some fruit and ice cream for a snack and headed back to the room before dinner.   For the third meal of the day we were at Royal Court, this night for the “Captain’s Gala” menu.  It was as great as each dinner prior, and each meal here prior that day 🙂

We finished off the night with a dance party in D Lounge with Anthony and the culmination of a Muppets MDA case we had started earlier, followed by the “Believe” show.  Goodness gracious, the show was beautiful and all the moms cried like babies.  Nolan slept through the show until he heard Mickey at the end.  Upon doing so he popped up, lost his mind a little, and waved at his pal.


It was all coming to an end too quickly!