March 2014 Recap

Well, I’ll keep up to date one way or another – even if the monthly recaps do continue.  March wasn’t all that busy at home, actually…

Nolan and I spent a lot of time wandering his future stomping grounds while waiting for the girls at dance rehearsals.  Class of 2029 (or so) represent!



We played on the playground bit too, because he isn’t all about the academics just yet.



I also found some invaders in his crib.  It’s been a while since I saw them in there, and it made Kyle and I smile – even if we were worried they’d break it 🙂


Oh.  And we went to WDW on a whim (like, less than 2 weeks from talking about it to flying down).  That’ll have to wait though, because though I’m trying to show you a few days here and there before my kids graduate high school I still have to finish up our cruise report.  And our marathon weekend in January.  And family trip in February.  (We might have a problem.)

(Nah, not even a little bit).