Medical Update, part whatever

It’s been another week of doctors appointments for Nolan, this time with good news all around!

First stop was pulmonology. Dr. Bokulic was pleased – as we all are of course – that the winter seems to perhaps be over without event. No more hospitalizations or ER visits since our last appointment, and most surprisingly, no need for added Atrovent or steroids. The addition of Singulair coupled with growing up, it seems Nolan may actually be over a major hurdle with regards to his respiratory illness. He even had a cold here or there without any complications.

We are to follow up with him in six months, but in the meantime we are actually going to try and take a bit of a holiday from his medications over the summer. On June 1, we will take away the last of his breathing treatments. If all continues to go well, we’ll discontinue the Singulair in July. In October, we will resume at least the breathing treatments to get him through the winter – then we’ll go from there!

Today’s visit was with endocrinology. Dr. Jones was delighted to see that Nolan had in fact grown since last we were there. The average growth velocity for a child Nolan’s age is 12.3 centimeters each year. His is at 7.6cm/year based on the last four months, but was literally just above zero then – so we’ll take it, as a start! 🙂 His weight velocity is 1.8kg/year, up from just below 1 (average = 2.2). Her suggestion then is to continue to make sure he gets three good meals and three snacks every day (or pediasure supplementation), stay on 2% milk (the highest fat content he can really tolerate) and focus on increasing healthy weight gain – which should lead to increased bone growth so long as his respiratory stuff stays in check. We will follow up with her in November as well, where she hopes to find his velocities closer to or even above average.

Finally, radiology had requested a follow up that we also recently completed. When Nolan had his growth scan, they had seen abnormal hyperdensities on his left humerus. I knew they wanted to repeat them, but apparently they were looking for bone masses. Dr. Jones says she was relieved that one of the most experienced doctors she works with thinks that the scan looks innocent, and doesn’t need repeated without any further symptoms. Ok then.

Good news all around, as I said! He might not have 100% clean bill of health, but he sure is heading in the right direction.

Also? He’s still super cute.




  1. Praise God for the great report! He really can’t get any cuter!