Walt Disney World: February 2014

Yeah, that says February… so this will very much be a 20,000 foot view of our trip. It was fun, if I recall correctly 😉

The biggest difference with the trip was that it was the first time we surprised the girls! No countdown, though I did tell Nolan (who had no idea what I was talking about, and certainly didn’t spoil it). We told Elise and Avery that we needed to pick them up from school to hang out somewhere with Kyle, and that was it.  Pretty quickly they noticed the suitcase, my flip flops, etc and started making predictions! They guessed Tennessee, Ottawa, Disneyland and “all around the world”… but “definitely not the Arctic Circle or Antarctica”. Thank you, Mrs. Kane’s Kindergarten class.

We had a nice trip down, and everyone was really excited to get to Walt Disney World – especially since our first time back on Magical Express was a little less than magical. We got a quick snack en route to our Be Our Guest reservations (for which we were running quite late), so that first day was a bit of a whirlwind!


Be Our Guest was (is) every bit as beautiful as everyone says, and our meals – especially the cupcakes – were delicious. I do have to say though, “the grey stuff”? Only mediocre. 😉




We ended our first day, much later but much less productive than planned, with a visit with Mickey. We spun like teacups (his favorite adventure that day) and he even signed Nolan’s cast. (Hey, remember that cast? Ha! I’m so behind…)



The next day, despite a rough night, we felt much more at home. We started the day at Animal Kingdom. Elise loved her Pocahontas dress, and both girls fell in love with the Wilderness Explorers activities.


Later in the day we settled into the hotel (finally!) and headed to Epcot for dinner at Coral Reef. Nolan became obsessed with monorails. It was a good day 🙂

The rest of the trip was a blast, too! One night watched Fantasmic on the iPad instead of live since it got “rained out” (for a drizzle. Nevermind that we have watched it in the pouring rain…).  We ate at least one Butterfinger Cupcake and met Nolan’s hero Jake (of Neverland Pirate fame). We learned to draw characters and made lots of memories in World Showcase.





We swam in the World’s greatest pool, and hung out on the Boardwalk.

We met Anna and Elsa, with “only” a 75-minute wait 😉

And we had a Mickey Bar for breakfast before flying home, because we always have a Mickey bar before we leave.


Goodness, this makes me homesick.  Enjoy a few more pictures; the rest are here!

IMG_4203 IMG_5952

The most incredible 15-minute private playtime for Nolan. Details (and video) to come :)

The most incredible 15-minute private playtime for Nolan. Details (and video) to come 🙂