Elise and Avery’s Sixth Year

Ten Years Ago…

Ten Years Ago… “Yeah” by Usher topped the Billboard Hot 100 Gretchen Wilson’s “Redneck Woman” topped the Country charts The Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Lakers were playing in the NBA finals Alexander Ovechkin was poised to be the first pick in the NHL draft (going to the Washington Capitals) Ronald Reagan died at the age of 93 from complications of Alzheimer’s Disease Brood X 17-year Cicadas covered the trees in Ohio Gas prices crept to $2.03, breaking the $2.00 {Read More}

So… my baby is two.

Usually, I post a slideshow early on my kiddos’ birthdays and then come back later to gush on and on about them.  On Nolan’s birthday, I fell asleep at 8pm.  And slept until 6:30am. So, that happened.  And then other days happened, and now here we are.  Time to gush. 😉 This boy, I tell you.  There are not really enough words.  He continues to show me things about love I never thought I’d understand.  I’ll eat my words – {Read More}

Nolan’s Second Year

So… my boy turns two today.  I’ll have more on that later, but for now, what you’ve all two of you have been waiting for! And in case you’d like to revisit Nolan’s First Year.… you can do that, too. (Go ahead, click. He was just as cute back then ;))

December 2013: Christmas and New Years

So here we are, at my attempt to catch up once and for all.  Oh, one can hope! We had a really, really nice Christmas/New Years.  Lots of time with just the five of us, plus lots of time with extended family, too!  We spend Christmas Eve together playing games and eating dinner, as well as making Rice Krispy Treat trains.  If you’ve been here long you know my opinions on Gingerbread Houses, and I thought this little train kit {Read More}

December 2013 Recap

December brought Christmas, of course, and so much more! We celebrated Grandpa Charlie’s birthday with Grandma and with two of his favorite sweet treats (Butter Pecan ice cream and chocolate-covered pretzels).  The girls woke up thinking it would be really special to celebrate him since we “remember him in Heaven”. The girls’ dance team had their first game – but not at CHCA.  Instead, at halftime of a UC Bearcats game! They also had their CHCA PK-Kindergarten Christmas Program, during {Read More}

November 2013 Recap

Continuing the half-hearted recap of the end of our 2013… In November, we had a lot of fun! We all went on the 5K Step Out walk with families from Kyle’s work, in honor of a staff member’s daughter with diabetes.  The girls walked the whole time!  And because apparently that didn’t wear them out enough, we also took them ice skating for the first time.  You guys, I love skating.  But skating with 5-year-olds is so much harder! 🙂 {Read More}

October 2013 Recap

See here for why all of a sudden I’m a slacker. In October, obviously the cruise trip was a big deal. I’m still going to continue writing about that, but it wasn’t the only thing that happened. Nolan continued going to Gymboree Play & Music classes.  He most enjoys the bubbles, musical instruments, and the freeze dance song!   Elise got a corneal abrasion when she stabbed herself in the eye with a silly straw.  She was fine once she {Read More}

Grandparents Night

For the second year in a row, our vacation plans caused the girls to be out of town during Grandparent’s Day at CHCA. This year they were especially disappointed, so I worked with them to make a back-up plan. The night before we went out of town, we got nearly all of their grandparents and great grandparents at our house for dinner and a special dessert they had prepared.  They worked hard all week on hand-written invitations, carefully selected party {Read More}

HallZOOween 2013

This year, we had visitors join us for HallZOOween – Aunt Kelly and Bryce! Grandma Shelly and Grandpa Mike came for a bit, too!