Quick Blog Update

Hello! So as you can see, I’ve added a handful of new posts over the last few days in a continued attempt to catch up here.  I was on a roll, until I noticed something – the majority of the posts from the original chateau kaufman dot com made it here when I imported, but tagged in such a way that they hadn’t previously been viewable from this blog page. So now, in case you were sitting around wondering what {Read More}

Entertrainment Junction

Thanks to a Groupon, we finally made it to the rest of Entertrainment Junction in May.  By “the rest”, I mean the train display and the kids’ play area.  I had really wanted to love it, but I have to admit I’m glad we got in with a deep discount.  Elise and Avery had fun, though (aside from the Funhouse), for as long as we were there. Nolan was all decked out in his adorable train duds for the occasion. {Read More}

3 kids, 14 vaccines

Yep – today was, I think, the one and only time all three kids had well visits due at the same time… and both the 4-year and 2-month visits are shot visits.  Fun, no?  🙂 Nolan was a champ – got woken up by 4 shots, cried for about 7 seconds, and chilled right back out.Elise swore up and down she’d be “so, so brave and tough”, and she was pretty close.  She cried more than I expected, and it {Read More}

Ballet Picture Day and End-of-the-Year

Ok, so I know you really want to hear about the recital… you’ll have to wait a bit longer.  🙂 First came picture day… … and a sweet little “ceremony” where Ms Bobbi gave each of the girls a present and certificate, as well as a hand-written card, specifically thought out for each of them.  We’ll miss her next year! And the results?  Super cute, too!

Goin’ (back) to the Zoo!

It had been quite a while since we were at the zoo (something about walking those hills while suffering from SPD…), and now the girls don’t have a stroller for retreat, so it was a short trip.  Long enough to see a few cool animals and ride the carousel, though! Nolan thought it was awesome.  I think.


… baby shoes are super cute.

Blue Steel

That is all.

Kings Island 2012

So far this summer, we’ve only made it to Kings Island 2 or 3 times. We’ll really have to remedy that, because the girls have so much fun! They love some of the same rides as summers past… … and have bravely (and without any reluctance whatsoever!) tried several new ones! We can’t wait to spend more time there the next couple of months! More pictures in the May Picasa album.

Maternity Pictures

What seems like an eternity ago, both because my youngest baby is two-months-old and because it was bitterly cold and windy on the day in question (despite being mid-April) and this week it’s about a billion degrees, a friend of mine wanted to get some practice/experience with maternity shots.  Despite hating belly pictures, I reluctantly agreed – and was photographed 8 days before Nolan’s birth.  I knew (though not as definitively then) that it would likely be my last pregnancy, {Read More}

Out of the Mouths

Enter Nolan, crying. E, sweetly: Nolan, honey, it’s ok! You don’t have to cry. Don’t you remember, God is with you? Melt your heart, right? E: SO YOU HAVE TO CLOSE YOUR MOUTH AND BE QUIET! GOD IS WITH YOU, STOP BEING SO LOUD! MOMMY, HE WON’T. STOP. CRYING! Well, you know. One for two. 🙂