Disney Fantasy: October 18

The kids actually all slept until 7:15, when we went to Cabana’s to watch the ship pull up to Castaway Cay! We quickly got ready to beat the crowd off the boat and to the family beach.  We found a spot and were sitting at the edge of the water collecting shells (just to look!) in no time.  Nolan was so content.  Castaway Cay is the most idyllic, picturesque place I know and the day couldn’t have started off better. {Read More}

March 2014 Recap

Well, I’ll keep up to date one way or another – even if the monthly recaps do continue.  March wasn’t all that busy at home, actually… Nolan and I spent a lot of time wandering his future stomping grounds while waiting for the girls at dance rehearsals.  Class of 2029 (or so) represent! We played on the playground bit too, because he isn’t all about the academics just yet. I also found some invaders in his crib.  It’s been a {Read More}

February Recap

In addition to surprising the kids with a trip to WDW in February, we had other exciting things happen throughout the month.  While we were gone, CHCA had a learning fair.  The girls were sad to miss (until they knew why), but that didn’t stop them from participating still by submitting a project each.  They worked very hard with Kyle and me to do a research project from start to finish! They also celebrated both the 100th Day of Kindergarten {Read More}

January 2014 Recap

I suppose I’ll leave Marathon Weekend for its own post, but otherwise it’s high time I catch you up around here.  The year is once again off to a busy start! In January, Elise and Avery each got a special week at school to celebrate their half-birthday (a little late with actual December birthday kids, Christmas break, etc).  They got to bring something in to share each day throughout their week, as well as a treat on the last day. {Read More}

Disney Fantasy: October 17

I “slept in” until 7, and was shocked to wake up to a family still sleeping!  We had a nice, laid-back day at sea, so it was the perfect day for this miracle to occur.  The kids were finally up at 7:35.  We made our way to Royal Court for breakfast which was a la carte (instead of a buffet) and oh-so-delicious.  We looked around the different dining rooms at the beautiful princess mosaics since the restaurant wasn’t bustling with {Read More}

Disney Fantasy: October 16

I woke to a definitively broken camera even after dismantling it and letting it air out, so between that and the fear of losing everything on the memory card, I wasn’t too thrilled.  Alas, there were more memories to be made, so off we went… We ate a quick breakfast as the girls excitedly sang “Happy Half Birthday” to Nolan 🙂 then we were off to a day of adventure in Cozumel!  We could see the city waiting for us {Read More}

Disney Fantasy: October 15

The following day was a very low-key one.  The shore time in Costa Maya is very short, and we had no excursions booked – so it was nearly a day at sea. On this particular day, we decided to try breakfast in Enchanted Garden instead of Cabana’s.  The buffet was still impressive if much smaller, and the atmosphere was far more relaxing.  Hanti was working in there as well, and came over to say hi and give hugs and kisses. {Read More}

Disney Fantasy: October 14

Having crossed into another time zone overnight, it was only 5:40am ship time when we were all awake – so we had to play in the room for a bit.  Everyone was in a good mood though, so no complaints.  Nolan really loved the bunk beds 🙂 We had breakfast at Cabana’s again, then ran into Anthony in Shutters.  He greeted the girls by name and spent several minutes talking to them about the artwork on the walls, favorite characters, {Read More}

Disney Fantasy: October 13

So since we’ve gone to Walt Disney World twice now in 2014, it seems I had better quickly finish up with our cruise trip report, yes?  Goodness. On our first full day at sea, everyone was up before 7 – of course.  The girls went to get drinks with Kyle while Nolan squealed with joy that our TV had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Breakfast was at Cabanas, where we just brought back a little of everything for the table.  It would {Read More}

Trucks, Giant Stoplights and Haircuts

While the girls were on Christmas vacation, we got to go to lunch a couple of times with Pappy!  One time, it was at his work – which all three kids really enjoyed.   In a COMPLETELY unrelated story, Nolan got another haircut last week.  Hmm… I suppose I could have connected the two events via a transportation theme, given that at Cookie Cutters Nolan got to drive both on the playground before his turn and during his haircut.  Alas, {Read More}