Disney Fantasy: October 11

I was up at 3:30 ready to go – or as ready as I was going to be.  I didn’t jump out of bed, I didn’t have a playlist for the drive, and I was mortified by the amount of luggage we had.  Oh, well.  We were on vacation, and that’s all that mattered! We were Columbus-bound at about 4, with all three kids awake until just before we got to the airport.  Check-in was smooth and we were relaxing {Read More}

Grandparents Night

For the second year in a row, our vacation plans caused the girls to be out of town during Grandparent’s Day at CHCA. This year they were especially disappointed, so I worked with them to make a back-up plan. The night before we went out of town, we got nearly all of their grandparents and great grandparents at our house for dinner and a special dessert they had prepared.  They worked hard all week on hand-written invitations, carefully selected party {Read More}

HallZOOween 2013

This year, we had visitors join us for HallZOOween – Aunt Kelly and Bryce! Grandma Shelly and Grandpa Mike came for a bit, too!  

Family Sleepover and Lebanon Applefest

In September, we decided to invite Elise and Avery “over” for a sleepover.  They often have them in one another’s room on the weekends, after having moved to separate rooms in this new house, but had not really had one in our room outside of move-in day (when they had no furniture, anyway). First we did pedicures while waiting for Kyle to get home. Later we had dinner together and watched a show of Nolan’s choice, and when he went {Read More}

Homecoming Extravaganza

This year, CHCA decided to try combining Homecoming activities with the Fall Festival.  It kind of remains to be seen whether it will work in future years, because this year was mostly a monsoon about halfway through the evening.  Before the floods began though, we did get to play some games! Dinner was at Abuelo’s instead of the school and we had to skip the football game, but everyone still had a great time.  Hopefully next year we’ll get to stay {Read More}

Newport Aquarium

For the first time in several years, we got an aquarium pass again.  It’s by far the worst deal of all of the local attractions, but when you have a little boy who adores fishies?  Well, sometimes you just can’t help yourself. We’ve been a couple of times already, finding it much easier to do after school than when we’d have to pack up from Liberty Township and drive 45 minutes in between the girls’ naps.  So thus far, it’s {Read More}

Fourth of July

Before we’re buried in snow, I figure I should catch up on these blogs laden with spaghetti strap dresses and summer traditions. July 4th this year was a rainy, yucky mess… so the girls actually chose, when given the choice between doing sparklers in our yard and sitting in the car for Kings Island fireworks (if they happened at all), to stay home and stay dry.  I’m pretty sure anything with the word sparkle would have been an easy sell, {Read More}

IHOP, Touch-a-Truck and the Premier Member Pool Party

One late summer afternoon, it felt like the right thing to do to have lunch at IHOP.  Sometimes you just have to, you know?  The kids were happy with the decision. 🙂  Afterward we went to Monroe for their “Touch-a-Truck” event and to say hello to Pappy.  Everyone had a blast! Finally, to round out a long and very fun day, we went to the Mason Community Center Premier Member Pool Party.  It was a bit warmer than last year, {Read More}


The girls asked for scooters for their fifth birthday.  We listened.

Avery and Elise’s Ariel Swimming Party

Ok… so I’m writing dreadfully out of order here, because – truthfully – I had no idea what I had written and what I hadn’t until I went through some things today.  So back in June, the girls turned 5.  We talked about that, but I never got around to sharing any pictures from their birthday party! With our house on the market during the prime planning period, I knew we were going to have to plan for a party {Read More}