So big!

Finally, and not a moment too soon as my previously even-keeled boy has learned to throw toddler tantrums, and never more than when getting put into his carseat, Nolan has gotten big enough for this:     He thoroughly enjoyed his first two forward-facing car rides!  Some stats from his otherwise uneventful well-child visit this week — Weight: 20lb 8oz (finally on the charts at 4%) Length: 29.5 inches (finally on the charts at 6%) Head: 19 inches (60%)   {Read More}

Such a big boy!

My (less) Little Squirt

. . . . . . Sigh.  He is awfully fun, though. 🙂

Big Kid Bathtime!

A few months ago now, we moved Nolan to the bath seat.  He absolutely adores bath time, getting very excited whenever we undress him and point him in the direction of the tub! In addition to the splashing and playing, he simply loves being around his two favorite big kids — — even when they do this:

Goodbye Swing, Hello New Ride

Nolan got a little bored by the swing, so in a very bittersweet transaction, we sold it a few weeks ago. Around the same time, he tried out some new wheels at Nana and Pappy’s house.  I found this adorable doorway jumper on clearance when I was pregnant, and he certainly digs it!


Once upon a time, Nolan actually had quite a reaction to a new food.  Or snack, as the case may be.  The kid hated puffs. This lasted about a week or two, and now (as video will prove if I ever get to the 40+ videos I have to sort through), he loses his mind with excitement at the sight of the container and pounds them like an old pro.

Nolan, the Reader


So… Nolan eats solids.

Anti-climactic, right, considering I’ve already told you that repeatedly?  I do have cute pictures though – just stick with me for a second.  🙂 He’s still doing really well, moving onto the Stage 2 jars (mostly a bit bigger, but a few opportunities for expanding horizons) as we buy more.  He seems to prefer sweet potatoes over anything else, but really pretty much chows down on anything and everything.  He’s obsessed with puffs though, and yet somehow I don’t have {Read More}

3-Month Old Play

Yeah, yeah… so Nolan is actually almost 4.5 months old.  We’ve all been up to a lot though, and I have to start somewhere, right?  We’ll start with the one changing the quickest – my most-definitely-not-a-newborn boy. The bouncer seat has been officially retired, and the swing is next – hanging on just because it has a totally awesome mobile that he still adores.  But the truth is, the boy just doesn’t like being strapped in anything.  Anywhere.  He has {Read More}