Avery and Elise’s Ariel Swimming Party

Ok… so I’m writing dreadfully out of order here, because – truthfully – I had no idea what I had written and what I hadn’t until I went through some things today.  So back in June, the girls turned 5.  We talked about that, but I never got around to sharing any pictures from their birthday party! With our house on the market during the prime planning period, I knew we were going to have to plan for a party {Read More}

Nolan’s 1st Birthday, in pictures

The weekend after his birthday, we had a wonderful “it’s a small world” themed party with 75 or so of his closest friends.  I had such a fun time with this theme, after having waited years to do it! 🙂 What a fun day!  Lots more pictures of decorations and fun in the photo album linked above (April).  After napping off the afternoon, he had a blast opening a few presents and FaceTiming with some family. We sure do love {Read More}

Before the big birthday party…

… there was a cake smash session.  Behold, some pictures of the cutest boy I know.  Seriously, I can’t take it. The rest are in the April album here.

Elise and Avery at FIVE!

I can’t believe my baby girls are five years old!  Since I’m awful at updating around here, I thought at least I’d give you some idea what Avery and Elise are up to these days… Avery… … loves to color and draw and do anything crafty, taking time to be very detailed and intentional… loves to read, and can sound out just about any word as long as she has some hints on the (many) ones that like to break {Read More}

Elise and Avery’s 5th Year

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One-Year Well-Child Check

Nolan had his 12-month appointment today, and – since he was fever free – got 4 shots.  Bad mommy, giving such a bad gift!  Between already being not-quite-well and the shots, he had a pretty rough night.  In fact, he’s still having a rough night, so other updates will have to wait.  I know, shocking. Here are the details: My teeny, tiny peanut is officially the smallest member of our family at the same mark – Length: 27.75 inches (< {Read More}

Happy Birthday, Nolan!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my favorite little boy entered the world!  He has reminded me more about love than I ever thought possible.  His smile lights up a room (or a store, or anywhere we happen to be), his hugs and kisses melt this mama’s heart.  He’s freaking adorable too, and I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for us! More to come later – appointment update, monthly update, maybe some other ramblings. {Read More}

Other Birthday Festivities

Ok, so… festivity?  Unlike last year when it seemed we celebrated Elise and Avery for weeks, this summer has flown by and Toys R Us, Build A Bear, and other various coupons and experiences have expired left and right.  Where has the summer gone, and how do they start school in 3 weeks?!  I am trusting that they don’t care, and we’re just going to try to make the best of what’s left of summer.  And hey, fewer events for {Read More}

Rainbow-ly Birthday Party

Elise and Avery chose a simple Rainbow birthday party this year, which was super fun.  We had several handmade touches as always, entirely too much sugar… and lots of laughs! Guess the # of Jelly Beans Coloring Station as the kids arrived Ribbon wands Food, including custom water labels and rainbow fruit & veggie trays Egg+Spoon Relay … sort of an epic fail. 🙂 Beanbag Toss Sack race! Sweet 4-year-old Birthday Girls! Tons (tons.) more pictures in the June Picasa {Read More}