Disneyland/California: March 5 and a Wrap-up

Remember that nearly perfect ending I mentioned?  Yeah, let’s pretend our trip ended there.  The night following, as some of you know, all 5 of us at once experienced the most violent Norovirus.  It was worse than I could have even imagined, even in healthcare – and it was all of us, all night.  Oh my gosh,  I wish I could erase that night from my memory. We spent the early morning hours determining whether we could even fly home {Read More}

Disneyland/California: March 4

Our last day at the Disneyland Resort – boo!  There was, of course, so much left undone… but we looked at some options, made our top choices and headed out. We started the day at California Adventure, waiting at Rope Drop to get fastpasses for Soarin’.  First stop after that was Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree.  It was already a 25 minute wait (we are so spoiled, I know!) but it was well worth it.  We hung out in Carsland with Nolan {Read More}

Disneyland/California: March 3

This was the second day we were heading out into the rest of Southern California, and Kyle and I were very excited!  The girls?  Meh.  On and off.  For some reason, driving along the coast looking out the window isn’t all that exciting to 4-year-olds.  They’d live, though, and even enjoy it. 🙂 We hung around the hotel room and played until about 9am since we weren’t in a huge hurry.  After some breakfast we had a nice drive on {Read More}

Disneyland/California: March 2

Early on in the day, Nolan began vomiting.  We had just given him his first taste of dairy, so we wondered if that wasn’t the culprit.  Turns out it probably wasn’t, but we wanted to be safe then – so no more yogurt or cheese for the rest of the trip! We were off to Los Angeles that morning, hitting the road just after 8am.  LA is rather unimpressive looking as cities go (which we knew), and also not all {Read More}

Disneyland/California: March 1

First stop this particular morning was in Tomorrowland at Disneyland!  Kyle went to round up a few fastpasses while the rest of us walked ahead to the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.  “It’s our first time on a real submarine!”  Oh, the joy of Disney as a kid. 🙂 They were pretty cool, though.  We were on the first sub of the day, and really enjoyed the ride! Next we took turns driving on Autopia, which is definitely better than the {Read More}

Disneyland/California: February 28

Except for an insanely infuriating phone call from a courier bringing our found carseat at 2am and expecting me to come out and meet him, it was an ok night.  Everyone was up at 6:15 despite a late night, but whatever.  We had been impressed with the kids so far, overall, and there was little to do about it anyway. Elise and Avery donned their Rapunzel dresses and were so pretty, ready for another day at Disneyland park!  First stop {Read More}

Disneyland/California Feburary 27

After the night we had had previously, I was hoping everyone would sleep until 4:30 or 5 on morning 2, and had this far-flung dream of sleeping in until 6.  Nolan was in our bed at 5 and fell back asleep until 6:15, the girls and Kyle slept until 6:35!  Score! With the later waking time, it was a pretty uneventful morning before heading to the promenade to start our day at California Adventure!  It was this day that we {Read More}

Disneyland/California: February 26

Remember that alarm-setting that I mocked previously?  Yeah… Everyone slept great on our first full day – until 3:30am PST.  The time change was going to kill us!  Our track record for kids napping on vacation was quite poor, but we were still hoping to roll with the punches.  Yikes. It always feels like a long time to this family of early risers before any parks, etc open, but that rings even more true when we all wake in the middle {Read More}

Disneyland/California: February 25

About 8 hours before we were supposed to leave for the airport for our cross-country flight to California and our first trip to Disneyland, we found out that said flight was canceled!  Apparently there was a good deal of snow in Denver (isn’t there always?) and all flights there were rerouted or rescheduled.  It was not acceptable for us to get to California a whole day-and-a-half late, so I found myself on the phone – on hold for literally 3 {Read More}