Mr. and Mrs. Rohlfer!

In May, four of the five of us were in Cassi and Grant’s wedding. Nolan was a little stud too, in his suit and tie. The girls had a blast being flower girls, despite running out of petals too soon and feeling a bit stumped temporarily.  🙂 We’re so proud of Cassi, and so thrilled to officially have Grant as part of our family!

Congratulations, Cassi and Grant!

This is another overdue post… but at least it’s coming closer to the engagement date than the wedding date?  Small victories. On November 18th, my sister’s then-just-boyfriend had planned an elaborate proposal event and had asked many friends and family members to help make it happen.  A couple dozen of us arrived below the Roebling on the Kentucky side while the two of them went on an unassuming date. Despite having a complete “run-through” just 48 hours before, it turned {Read More}