Congratulations, Cassi and Grant!

This is another overdue post… but at least it’s coming closer to the engagement date than the wedding date?  Small victories. On November 18th, my sister’s then-just-boyfriend had planned an elaborate proposal event and had asked many friends and family members to help make it happen.  A couple dozen of us arrived below the Roebling on the Kentucky side while the two of them went on an unassuming date. Despite having a complete “run-through” just 48 hours before, it turned {Read More}

Reds Game

In keeping with tradition, we went to the Reds game with an infant during the hottest day of the summer.  It was utterly miserable, and I can’t tell you a thing that happened that had anything to do with baseball.  I know we got Gapper cups for the kids, we sweat a lot, there were a lot of tears shed, and we left so early it was hardly worth the ridiculous amount of money we spent to go. But hey, {Read More}