December 2013 Recap

December brought Christmas, of course, and so much more! We celebrated Grandpa Charlie’s birthday with Grandma and with two of his favorite sweet treats (Butter Pecan ice cream and chocolate-covered pretzels).  The girls woke up thinking it would be really special to celebrate him since we “remember him in Heaven”. The girls’ dance team had their first game – but not at CHCA.  Instead, at halftime of a UC Bearcats game! They also had their CHCA PK-Kindergarten Christmas Program, during {Read More}

A walk down (video) memory lane… Part 1

In the midst of working through some more video on imovie this week, I realized I never shared these with you!  It was a fun walk down memory lane for me (some are quite old!).  I hope you’ll enjoy it, too! There will be more to come, but I don’t want to bombard you all at once!

4 Months in 4 Minutes

So much has happened in the last several months, that most days when I sit down here I just stare at all the things I would have loved to have shared with you.  A few things are going to get their own entries, but in just a few minutes I’m going to catch you up on some of the less major events. Perhaps one of the biggest pieces of news is that we moved into a new house.  When our {Read More}

Dance Observation Week – Spring 2013

Twice a year, as you may recall, the parents get to go into the classrooms at MDC to watch the students’ progress up close.  Avery and Elise are always so excited for these days!  There will be video too someday, but for now just look how sweet my little dancers are! 🙂 As I write this, we’re trying to decide their (near) future as dancers.  We adore Mason Dance but are trying to determine if they’d more enjoy the dance {Read More}

CHCA Christmas Program and Daddy-Daughter Dance

While we’ve been singing the praises of Avery and Elise’s first year of school, there are two more events from 2012 especially worth sharing.  The first is their Preschool and Kindergarten Christmas Concert, which was so beautiful and entertaining.  The kids had all worked very hard all year in music, and were very prepared for their selection of songs.  I’ll have video for you whenever I get to that particular folder (sigh – soon?), but you’ll just have to take {Read More}

Recital Weekend

In keeping with the apparent theme of video posts, you might think you’re getting some video of my precious ballerinas’ first recital, right?  You aren’t.  I took the wrong lens (less zoom) and our seats were kind of crappy, so the video I took just isn’t worth it.  You’ll just have to watch the DVD some day… which reminds me, I need to figure out when that’s supposed to arrive. But how about some too-cute-for-words pictures? Ok, and a few {Read More}