Meet Mira… part 2!

And now (finally), the story of how our sweet puppy girl made her way into our home and our hearts! We had successfully kept #operationsecretpuppy a secret – so the first weekend in June, the kids all stayed with my family for a sleepover.  Kyle and I had an anniversary date downtown, stayed at the Hilton Netherland for the night, and headed a few hours south early Saturday morning to pick up our newest addition. When we got there, we {Read More}

Meet Mira… part 1

As I casually mentioned recently, Kyle and I apparently thought buying and moving into a new house and becoming landlords (while raising three kids including a then-non-mobile 1 year old) was too boring… so we got a puppy 🙂 In actuality, we had been talking about it (hypothetically) for years, that we’d get one when we got a new house.  We were planning on Christmas, but realized the benefit of training during the summer and fall months.  I was then {Read More}

Dance Observation Week – Spring 2013

Twice a year, as you may recall, the parents get to go into the classrooms at MDC to watch the students’ progress up close.  Avery and Elise are always so excited for these days!  There will be video too someday, but for now just look how sweet my little dancers are! 🙂 As I write this, we’re trying to decide their (near) future as dancers.  We adore Mason Dance but are trying to determine if they’d more enjoy the dance {Read More}

Quick Update (Otherwise)

Even aside from school, we’ve been busy around here!  In the last few weeks we’ve closed on a house, moved, become landlords, traveled a few times, married off a sister/aunt, and tried to squeeze in the usual fun stuff like swimming and playing and the necessary stuff like eating and sleeping.  Here’s a bit more of what we’ve been doing… Playing at what would become our new (now current) house Pirate Doctor. What else? ER visit.  Sick baby, seems to {Read More}

PK4 Photo Update

Since I finally update our class photo website today, I figure now is as easy a time as any to throw a few updates on here from the final few months of the girls’ first year of preschool!  That’s right – tomorrow is the last day, which blows my mind.  This year has gone so quickly!  As per the title, this is quite a photo-heavy post The week before Spring break was the class Easter party.  They made a very {Read More}

Emotional Overflow – an attempted Explanation

Not too long ago, the girls were finishing watching a season finale of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.  If you’ve got daughters or know any Bronies (google it if you must), you know the show is actually quite good, and it’s not terribly surprising that the writing could dig a little deeper even than just capturing the imagination of young viewers. It was a climactic moment, one in which Twilight Sparkle underwent a transformation and became an Alicorn and {Read More}

One of my favorite pictures. Ever.

PJs, workout clothes, bad hair (me).  Too busy/lazy to remove the color cast. No problem.  I’m overwhelmingly in love with my little family – the 3 kiddos here, and the man who took and shared such a picture without us knowing. Seriously, so undeserving.

Blog Updates

First, a photo here and there from a much larger number of events than I would like are being moved directly to the photo albums, because I simply can’t catch up around here, what with birthdays, and huge parties, and weddings, and leases, and mortgages, and moves.  Don’t forget to check them out while you’re waiting on me anyway… >> Family Snapspassword: chateaukaufman Second, and this is still being considered, I might be making this site private.  For whatever {Read More}

Nolan’s verbal explosion

No, no real words yet. But while he’s taken a break from major physical milestones, this boy has a lot to say! He “talks” almost nonstop, I guess finally figuring out that he can’t simply wait his turn to speak up – or he might never get it. 🙂 I mentioned that he loves to wave hi and bye, but now he’s taken to waving bye to whatever is going on when e wants to do something new, waving bye {Read More}

My (less) Little Squirt

. . . . . . Sigh.  He is awfully fun, though. 🙂