Eleven Months!

I can’t believe this is the last monthly entry before Nolan’s first birthday! It’s been an eventful month, for sure.  Nolan’s three teeth that sprung up out of nowhere have turned into a mouthful.  He has 7 in or partially in, and whether it’s that or other more subtle changes, he’s starting to look less and less like a baby.  I was doing really well with that until a few days ago when we were watching videos of him and {Read More}

Snow Play

No, this isn’t a blog post in real time (related to the boatload of snow we got last night).  Instead, we are back from Disneyland (wonderful trip, thanks for asking), and I’m going to get back to work catching you up around here. Last winter, you may recall – or definitely recall if you are local – we got about zero inches of snow all winter.  Ok, maybe one.  My girls were big enough to anticipate playing in it, had {Read More}

Still cute…

… even in a hospital gown. (This is from January, we aren’t back.)

Classroom Helper and Holiday Parties

Every other Wednesday, I have the pleasure of going to the girls’ classroom for an hour or so as the classroom helper.  Most weeks I man one of the centers for their learning rotations, or occasionally I help with a paint project or something instead.  Almost every week, I get to go to chapel with the class, too! Some of my favorite days in the classroom, though, have been the two holiday parties thus far!  I’m the class photographer, which {Read More}

Thirty Minutes with Nolan

This kid is getting so big. Kisses for Woody. Always.

Remember Us?

We’re still here. Sometimes hanging on by a thread, but here.  I’m going to try and start catching up again, but I’ll let you know now – we’re back in August around this place.  Don’t let it confuse you! 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll give you a few excuses.  We’ve been planning to move “someday soonish” (after living here 5 years longer than we intended), but one day in mid-October I had had enough (and am still dealing with post-partum {Read More}

Avery, the Reader

So Kyle and I have known for basically our whole lives that we each “could read at four”. Having recently had two 3-year-olds that were obsessed with phonics and completely able to sound things out with some prompting (either to read or spell), depending on how stupidly tricky and English languag-ey they were, I found myself wondering what exactly our parents meant by “could read”. Avery discovered multiple sight words while on vacation – beginning with “Epcot” – but we {Read More}

"Pool Party"

Last summer, we decided it wasn’t “worth it” to drive all the way to Mason to go to the pool party that the community center holds for Premier members at the end of each summer.  We were wrong, I imagine, because this year we made the opposite (and seemingly right) decision. It was unseasonably cold – as in, long sleeves in mid-August.  There was pretty much no reason to drive 25 minutes for a pool party in what felt more {Read More}

Dog Days of Summer

At the end of the summer, I started to feel the crunch.  On August 21st, our lives would change forever as the girls started going to school five days a week.  No more daytime activities and free evenings.  For the first time, I’d have just one baby on errands.  (Of course, I’ve since learned that it’s still very different than having just one baby, considering I still have to buy things, think about, and get back to the first two… {Read More}

Sweetest. Boy. Ever.

So it might be true that I took a larger number of pictures of Elise and Avery, but this kid has some cute ones… but I may be biased.  Enjoy! (Cop out, since I’m dreadfully behind on posts?  Perhaps.  So adorable you won’t hold it against me? I’m counting on it.)