Disney Fantasy: October 16

I woke to a definitively broken camera even after dismantling it and letting it air out, so between that and the fear of losing everything on the memory card, I wasn’t too thrilled. ¬†Alas, there were more memories to be made, so off we went… We ate a quick breakfast as the girls excitedly sang “Happy Half Birthday” to Nolan ūüôā then we were off to a day of adventure in Cozumel! ¬†We could see the city waiting for us {Read More}

Disney Fantasy: October 15

The following day was a very low-key one. ¬†The shore time in Costa Maya is very short, and we had no excursions booked – so it was nearly a day at sea. On this particular day, we decided to try breakfast in Enchanted Garden instead of Cabana’s. ¬†The buffet was still impressive if much smaller, and the atmosphere was far more relaxing. ¬†Hanti was working in there as well, and came over to say hi and give hugs and kisses. {Read More}

Disney Fantasy: October 13

So since we’ve gone to Walt Disney World twice now in 2014, it seems I had better quickly finish up with our cruise trip report, yes? ¬†Goodness. On our first full day at sea, everyone was up before 7 – of course. ¬†The girls went to get drinks with Kyle while Nolan squealed with joy that our TV had Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Breakfast was at Cabanas, where we just brought back a little of everything for the table. ¬†It would {Read More}

December 2013: Christmas and New Years

So here we are, at my attempt to catch up once and for all. ¬†Oh, one can hope! We had a really, really nice Christmas/New Years. ¬†Lots of time with just the five of us, plus lots of time with extended family, too! ¬†We spend Christmas Eve together playing games and eating dinner, as well as making Rice Krispy Treat trains. ¬†If you’ve been here long you know my opinions on Gingerbread Houses, and I thought this little train kit {Read More}

November 2013 Recap

Continuing the half-hearted recap of the end of our 2013… In November, we had a lot of fun! We all went on the 5K Step Out walk with families from Kyle’s work, in honor of a staff member’s daughter with diabetes. ¬†The girls walked the whole time! ¬†And because apparently that didn’t wear them out enough, we also took them ice skating for the first time. ¬†You guys, I love skating. ¬†But skating with 5-year-olds is so much harder! ūüôā {Read More}

October 2013 Recap

See here for why all of a sudden I’m a slacker. In October, obviously the cruise trip was a big deal. I’m still going to continue writing about that, but it wasn’t the only thing that happened. Nolan continued going to Gymboree Play & Music classes. ¬†He most enjoys the bubbles, musical instruments, and the freeze dance song!   Elise got a corneal abrasion when she stabbed herself in the eye with a silly straw. ¬†She was fine once she {Read More}

Disney Fantasy: October 11

I was up at 3:30 ready to go – or as ready as I was going to be. ¬†I didn’t jump out of bed, I didn’t have a playlist for the drive, and I was mortified by the amount of luggage we had. ¬†Oh, well. ¬†We were on vacation, and that’s all that mattered! We were Columbus-bound at about 4, with all three kids awake until just before we got to the airport. ¬†Check-in was smooth and we were relaxing {Read More}

Family Sleepover and Lebanon Applefest

In September, we decided to invite Elise and Avery “over” for a sleepover. ¬†They often have them in one another’s room on the weekends, after having moved to separate rooms in this new house, but had not really had one in our room outside of move-in day (when they had no furniture, anyway). First we did pedicures while waiting for Kyle to get home. Later we had dinner together and watched a show of Nolan’s choice, and when he went {Read More}

Fourth of July

Before we’re buried in snow, I figure I should catch up on these blogs laden with spaghetti strap dresses and summer traditions. July 4th this year was a rainy, yucky mess… so the girls actually chose, when given the choice between doing sparklers in our yard and sitting in the car for Kings Island fireworks (if they happened at all), to stay home and stay dry. ¬†I’m pretty sure anything with the word sparkle would have been an easy sell, {Read More}

Hilton Head 2013

The Kaufman and Maas families take a yearly trip to Hilton Head, and for just the second time we were able to join them this past summer! ¬†We had a blast, but – as is often the case with beach vacations – I only have a few dozen pictures… many of which are from our epic sandcastle project. ¬†You’ll understand why momentarily. Our family stayed in a condo with Grandma Shelly and Grandpa Mike, Aunt Kelly, Uncle Justin and Bryce. {Read More}