Disney Fantasy: October 12

On embarkation day, Nolan woke up at 4am – and woke everyone else up by 4:30.  Instead of sticking around the hotel we decided to leave as early as we could (around 7am), praying for naps in the car as we drove around town.  As we drove by the port, we could see her – the Fantasy had gotten in overnight!  The girls lost their mind, even  having only seen the top half.  I may or may not have teared {Read More}

Disney Fantasy: October 11

I was up at 3:30 ready to go – or as ready as I was going to be.  I didn’t jump out of bed, I didn’t have a playlist for the drive, and I was mortified by the amount of luggage we had.  Oh, well.  We were on vacation, and that’s all that mattered! We were Columbus-bound at about 4, with all three kids awake until just before we got to the airport.  Check-in was smooth and we were relaxing {Read More}