Decking the Halls

Elise and Avery (and Adventure Bear, of course!) really enjoyed helping with the Christmas decorations this year.  With the house on the market we only did one tree and a few other things here and there, so we had plenty of time! The girls really were helpful, and I barely had to rearrange any ornaments 🙂 My sweet girl missing her puppy for a moment. 🙁 Nolan was far less helpful… … but no less cute!

Paint Project + Art Display

Several weeks ago, the girls and I set out on an adventure at Michael’s to gather supplies for a paint project.  I had something in mind for displaying their ever-changing collection of artwork, and needed a few signature pieces for the area. Once we had the supplies we needed, it was time to get started! At first, the girls were confused by the idea of painting around/over the taped off areas. Eventually though, they went to town creating masterpieces as {Read More}