November 2013 Recap

Continuing the half-hearted recap of the end of our 2013… In November, we had a lot of fun! We all went on the 5K Step Out walk with families from Kyle’s work, in honor of a staff member’s daughter with diabetes.  The girls walked the whole time!  And because apparently that didn’t wear them out enough, we also took them ice skating for the first time.  You guys, I love skating.  But skating with 5-year-olds is so much harder! 🙂 {Read More}

Illness Update #47827

I guess I should update for posterity sake, and for those of you reading along that I don’t know or see regularly “in real life”. Last Monday, Nolan woke up pouring thick green snot out of each nostril like dueling fountains. That’s all, though – no wheezing, no retractions, no coughing. We thanked God for the advent of Pulmicort (did I ever even update here that he’s on a daily regimen now? I’ve lost track), for changing our lives now {Read More}

An Unwelcome, Unofficial Diagnosis

As suspected Nolan is, in Dr. Matt’s words, “going the way of Elise – though thankfully, with seemingly less severity”.  He has once again started with bronchospasms and coughing fits requiring albuterol, and though ones this little cannot be given a diagnosis of asthma, it seems he might follow in his biggest sister’s footsteps. The good news is, as was said, he is at least currently doing so with much less severity.  Goodness knows that’s not hard, considering she’d go {Read More}


Nolan likes the strawberry-flavored Prevacid infinitely more than the spicy-mint-flavored Zantac. Mommy likes that it’s just once daily instead of 3x a day. Let’s hope his belly, etc are as pleased.