Nolan at 18-Months

My sweet boy turned 18 months old while on our cruise, a fact which excited his big sisters more than anyone else.  It is a pretty big milestone I guess, so I thought I should hop on here and update you a bit on how big he is getting (or not) and how wonderful he (still) is! Developmentally, he’s not the same baby with each passing week.  He’s all toddler, mimicking our every move and curious about everything in his {Read More}

Portrait Update

I’ll make this short and sweet: We’ve taken lots of pictures (and had a few taken).  I have adorable kids. Here you go! The girls’ 5-year shoot, and Nolan’s (brief) 1-year — Nolan’s 15-month shoot, for which he cooperated all of 17 minutes 🙂 —   And finally, just a link to this one… but here’s a handful of shots of myself I edited for a few projects I’m working on. Seriously, those kids, right?! 🙂

So big!

Finally, and not a moment too soon as my previously even-keeled boy has learned to throw toddler tantrums, and never more than when getting put into his carseat, Nolan has gotten big enough for this:     He thoroughly enjoyed his first two forward-facing car rides!  Some stats from his otherwise uneventful well-child visit this week — Weight: 20lb 8oz (finally on the charts at 4%) Length: 29.5 inches (finally on the charts at 6%) Head: 19 inches (60%)   {Read More}

Before the big birthday party…

… there was a cake smash session.  Behold, some pictures of the cutest boy I know.  Seriously, I can’t take it. The rest are in the April album here.

Nolan at 15 Months!

My baby boy turned 15-months yesterday, which is insane! I wanted to come tell you a little about him, since I’m otherwise awful at updating around here.  Seriously, the worst. Anyway…. He can walk – like legitimately walk wherever he wants – though he still crawls 80% of the time. He’s a silly one! He is quite proud to identify his hair and his belly (especially his adorable belly button, with which he is obsessed this week!), but refuses to {Read More}

Elise and Avery at FIVE!

I can’t believe my baby girls are five years old!  Since I’m awful at updating around here, I thought at least I’d give you some idea what Avery and Elise are up to these days… Avery… … loves to color and draw and do anything crafty, taking time to be very detailed and intentional… loves to read, and can sound out just about any word as long as she has some hints on the (many) ones that like to break {Read More}

Elise and Avery’s 5th Year

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One-Year Well-Child Check

Nolan had his 12-month appointment today, and – since he was fever free – got 4 shots.  Bad mommy, giving such a bad gift!  Between already being not-quite-well and the shots, he had a pretty rough night.  In fact, he’s still having a rough night, so other updates will have to wait.  I know, shocking. Here are the details: My teeny, tiny peanut is officially the smallest member of our family at the same mark – Length: 27.75 inches (< {Read More}

Happy Birthday, Nolan!

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my favorite little boy entered the world!  He has reminded me more about love than I ever thought possible.  His smile lights up a room (or a store, or anywhere we happen to be), his hugs and kisses melt this mama’s heart.  He’s freaking adorable too, and I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for us! More to come later – appointment update, monthly update, maybe some other ramblings. {Read More}

Nolan’s verbal explosion

No, no real words yet. But while he’s taken a break from major physical milestones, this boy has a lot to say! He “talks” almost nonstop, I guess finally figuring out that he can’t simply wait his turn to speak up – or he might never get it. 🙂 I mentioned that he loves to wave hi and bye, but now he’s taken to waving bye to whatever is going on when e wants to do something new, waving bye {Read More}