Eleven Months!

I can’t believe this is the last monthly entry before Nolan’s first birthday! It’s been an eventful month, for sure.  Nolan’s three teeth that sprung up out of nowhere have turned into a mouthful.  He has 7 in or partially in, and whether it’s that or other more subtle changes, he’s starting to look less and less like a baby.  I was doing really well with that until a few days ago when we were watching videos of him and {Read More}

Nolan at 10-Months

Another month has come and gone! This weekend, amidst selling our house (pending various contingencies), we realized our baby boy is just two months from the big First Birthday! Time flies. The day or two after his 9-month birthday, his first tooth finally popped through on the bottom. Yesterday, he got 3 more “holes” where others are working up out of nowhere, and he’s absolutely miserable. It’s odd, considering he’s he most chill baby ever. As an update from the {Read More}


… we got some reaction from Nolan to new foods.  Not that that was our end goal. Admittedly, they also seemed to be only related to texture issues – no idea where he might get that! 😉 No worries though, he’s gotten over it and back to being a bit of a garbage disposal. 🙂

9-Month Appointment

He’s *really* a peanut. Weight: 16lb 8.4oz (Length: 26.75 in (4%)Head Circumference: 18 in (57%) Dr Matt says we’ll just see what happens. Developmentally Nolan is doing so wonderfully and proportionately he is fine (ie not long but emaciated, which you know if you’ve kissed his chubby cheeks or seen his adorable chunky thighs!) – so he’s not yet concerned. All else went well, and no shots! Pretty straightforward visit 🙂

Nine Months!

Our sweet boy is nine months old!  Kyle and I had fun last night reading about the girls at nine months, because we realized how many of the same sentiments and changes apply this time around, as well, as we hit the three-quarters-of-a-year mark. Nolan continues to be utterly fearless in his mobility.  He, if an adult were not always cramping his style, would prefer to dive head-first off of beds, tables, chairs, couches, etc.  He likes to climb up {Read More}

Big Kid Bathtime!

A few months ago now, we moved Nolan to the bath seat.  He absolutely adores bath time, getting very excited whenever we undress him and point him in the direction of the tub! In addition to the splashing and playing, he simply loves being around his two favorite big kids — — even when they do this:


Two-thirds of Nolan’s first year has passed!  Despite my previous lamenting about his lack of activity (still true), he seems to be doing just fine thus far. 🙂 Physically, he is actually ahead of the girls – at least in confidence, if not skill set.  At seven months he crawled more confidently (and “correctly”, if such a thing mattered) than they did at 8, and he’s never really worked himself up about what he can and can’t do – he {Read More}

Seven Months!

So… Nolan? He’s super silly. And super mobile. He’s also seven months old.  Seven! Here are some things he’s into (other than, you know, everything)…. Size 2 diapers and 6M clothes still fit perfectly (Interestingly, I just read that my teensy girls were squarely in 3M clothes still.  Hehe!) Food. is. Awesome.  No, seriously.  That often all he seems to think, to a fault.  He’s a piddly milk drinker for at least one or two bottles a day, but is {Read More}

Goodbye Swing, Hello New Ride

Nolan got a little bored by the swing, so in a very bittersweet transaction, we sold it a few weeks ago. Around the same time, he tried out some new wheels at Nana and Pappy’s house.  I found this adorable doorway jumper on clearance when I was pregnant, and he certainly digs it!


Once upon a time, Nolan actually had quite a reaction to a new food.  Or snack, as the case may be.  The kid hated puffs. This lasted about a week or two, and now (as video will prove if I ever get to the 40+ videos I have to sort through), he loses his mind with excitement at the sight of the container and pounds them like an old pro.