Meet Mira… part 2!

And now (finally), the story of how our sweet puppy girl made her way into our home and our hearts! We had successfully kept #operationsecretpuppy a secret – so the first weekend in June, the kids all stayed with my family for a sleepover.  Kyle and I had an anniversary date downtown, stayed at the Hilton Netherland for the night, and headed a few hours south early Saturday morning to pick up our newest addition. When we got there, we {Read More}

Meet Mira… part 1

As I casually mentioned recently, Kyle and I apparently thought buying and moving into a new house and becoming landlords (while raising three kids including a then-non-mobile 1 year old) was too boring… so we got a puppy 🙂 In actuality, we had been talking about it (hypothetically) for years, that we’d get one when we got a new house.  We were planning on Christmas, but realized the benefit of training during the summer and fall months.  I was then {Read More}